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New Flotsam map

Here's a new map of Flotsam with some shelter hopefully stopping the whole place getting swept away. The lines between the little piers are meant to represent rubbish and general debris.

Here's the key:

1. The Fat Grouper, tavern
2. Temple to the Sapta Sindhu
3. Shrine to Anwyn
4. Fishermen's market
5. Bait & tackle shop
6. Netmaker's shop
7. Baskerweaver's shop
8. Mendel Stormrite, halfling carpenter & shipwright
9. Ropemaker's shop
10. Jarwyn, old dwarf carpenter & shipwright
11. The Water Boys, orphan gang
12. Jagadamba, Sahsaran wise woman and fortune teller
13. Home of Mangesh, dockworker
14. The Black Dolphin's Wake, tavern
15. Bilal's Blades, arms & armour shop
16. Harold's Hole, adventuring equipment & other gear

What do you think?
Tags: maps, new campaign, parsantium
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