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Back to Flotsam

I've been busy with current campaigns and real-life stuff so haven't posted about Parsantium for a while but I'm keen to get going again, particularly in developing Flotsam and the Dock Ward into a starting location for the campaign.

So far, I have:
- The Fat Grouper (tavern)
- Temple to the Sapta Sindhu (Seven River Gods)
- Shrine to Anwyn (goddess of the hearth & small folk)
- Bait & tackle shop
- Basketweavers
- Netmakers
- Carpenters & boat-makers
- The Water Boys (gang of orphans living together on a house-boat)
- Homes of fishermen, longshoremen & dock workers
- Smugglers
- Jagadamba, a Sahasran witch-woman and fortune-teller

If Flotsam is to be the start point for the campaign, I think a few basic shops catering to down at heel adventurers (like the PCs) and wannabe gangland enforcers might be a good idea but perhaps these are located on a Dock Ward street on dry land. There would need to be a weapons and armour shop and somewhere for general gear. Also, there needs to be somewhere to fence stolen loot.

What else do we need here?

Can anyone think of any examples of boat-town communities in D&D/RPG products that would provide me with some inspiration?

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