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Red Hand of Doom Session #28

Here's what happened in last night's action-packed game. Enzo gets 1,500xp; the others get 1,870xp.

5th Eleasias (contd)

 Ager and Johan rejoin the party. Fabius opens the main doors, triggering the trap again and catching Ager and Johan in the blast. Invisible, he clambers over the wyvern corpses and enters the Foyer as the others move into the corridor. The blue abishai casts suggestion on Ager who runs towards the ledge to throw himself off. He’s tripped by Avatea and Enzo who then casts fly on him, so he is actually able to follow the blue devil’s instructions without plummeting to his doom. Meanwhile, Johan (in troglodyte form with dragonskin) fights the black dragonspawn while Fabius is attacked by the devil who manages to guess correctly where he’s standing. With Ager back, the PCs manage to dispose of their enemies in short order and head west into the Barracks.

 Here, they are faced with six more black dragonspawn: three of these double back round the party to attack from the north but Enzo is ready with a fireball. The monsters are struggling to do much damage with their breath weapons  and are forced to rely on their falchions. Johan gets a bit carried away and goes for a troglodyte bite attack on one of the spawn; he fumbles and manages to clobber Fabius very hard with his sword. Reinforcements arrive but to no avail: the PCs slay these too and then search the barracks, finding lots of potions on the bodies as well as a chest full of treasure.

 Johan goes through the north door and into the Torture Chamber. The bone devil inside tries to summon some help but can’t finish his spell due to a devastating Divine Surge attack from Johan. The devil flies into the barracks but is hit by a ray of dizziness from Enzo and then a moonbeam from Avatea that leaves it helpless, allowing the others to finish it off.

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