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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game.

Session xp: 7,225 xp for Garth & Grey; 5,400 xp for the others. Grey becomes 18th level.

19th Flocktime (contd)
The PCs decide to seek inspiration in dreams before disturbing Dreamer Prime. Myrtle stays awake while the others pay the elven assistants 50 gp each for private “dream pods”. Kadia dreams of his mother and father deciding to give her up for adoption, of her training as a young girl by Tadafoshi, and of his ill mother, lying in bed with her father sitting next to her, praying she will get better. Garth, Slasher and Grey share a dream in which they open the door at the end of the Guild of Sleep and find Dreamer Prime floating among the clouds with her strange dream-creature pets. When Garth and Slasher enter the room, they fall through the clouds, waking up with a start just before they crash into the ground. Kal dreams about the Church of Elements: a circle of standing stones containing a white tree with golden leaves, a female druid and a dire bear.

After their dreams, Kal teleports the party back to Freeport. Get rooms at the Last Resort and research the Church of the Elements at the library of the Temple of Rao. Kal uses his crystal ball to track down Nurn who he sees walking down a street in Freeport.

20th Flocktime
Nurn doesn’t show up so Kal tries to scry him without success. Teleport to Elversford in the Adri Forest. The Cathezar arrives. Kadia grabs Myrtle and uses his abundant step to deposit her safely on a rooftop. The others go into combat with the Cathezar, disrupting the spell she tries to cast. Slasher is grabbed by her tail and ends up being constricted, nearly passing out. Garth deals a large amount of damage as his sword is both holy and silver. Eventually the Cathezar teleports away.

The town’s speaker Parren Ludern arrives on the scene, accompanied by his black bear companion Hector, his pixie sidekick Shillifandi and several forest rangers. After Slasher claims to be from the “Legion of Good”, Parren decides to bring the PCs to the Poacher’s Pocket Inn to talk about why they’re in town. Garth buys a fine bottle of fine wine for himself and Shillifandi while Parren explains that some babies have been born in the town apparently without souls. Grey insists on going to see one of these children but is unable to determine what’s wrong with the baby. Stay the night in Elversford.

21st Flocktime
Visit the Archdruid of the Adri, Immonara, who lives just outside town. She explains that a druid named Dorus tends Semphelon, the mystical sapling at the centre of the Church of the Elements. Kadia says “I have a tender foot”. Immonara offers to make a poultice for it.

Teleport to the Church of the Elements and talk to Dorus. Garth stays outside the stone circle while the others go in and ask Semphelon questions which are answered by Dorus. Learn about Ashardalon, Dydd and the power of Dydd’s descendents over the demon-hearted dragon. Clues point the PCs back in the direction of the Guild of Sleep: “The Dreamer reveals what the deities must conceal”.

Return to the Guild of Sleep via teleport. Grey casts divination before opening the door; he learns they must defeat Dreamer Prime’s dream image. Kal and Grey cast protective spells and the cleric also summons a leonal before opening the doors. Inside are Dreamer Prime, three blue-skinned dream tigers and a winged dream triceratops. Garth, Slasher and the leonal attack the triceratops and tigers while the two spellcasters and Myrtle support with spells and arrows. Meanwhile, Kadia chases the flying Dreamer Prime around the room, trying to remove her mirror images and hit her with her quivering palm. The incorporeal dinosaur and dream tigers are hard to hit and drain plenty of Wisdom from Garth and Slasher. Grey summons a celestial triceratops of his own (“I don’t normally do this”) to help out which the leonal manages to fireball by mistake. Eventually, the dream creatures are killed and the PCs manage to surround Dreamer Prime and take her down. When the killing blow is struck, she fades to mist and a secret door opens to the north. Two iron golems march into the room….

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