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February Books

In February, I read two novels and four graphic novels, bringing my total so far this year to nine:

4. Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner. kb98 really liked this. Set in a city where nobles get rid of their enemies by hiring swordsmen to challenge them to a duel, this is the story of Richard St Vier, master swordsman, and is full of political intrigue in a corrupt society. The thieves’ district of Riverside is vividly described and reminded me of the South Bank in Elizabethan times.

5. Bad Luck & Trouble by Lee Child. "You do not mess with the special investigators." Tough guy Jack Reacher has to get this old unit back together when one of his army mates is chucked out of a helicopter flying 3,000 feet over the desert. As usual, very hard to put down.

6. The Walking Dead, Book 3 Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard
7. The Walking Dead, Book 4 The Heart’s Desire
8. The Walking Dead, Book 5 The Best Defense
9. The Walking Dead, Book 6 This Sorrowful Life
- More zombie survival horror, but it's the living characters and their relationships that are important here. In these books, the humans are guilty of worse acts of violence and betrayal than the zombies, including some horrific scenes of torture, rape and extreme violence.

I also read some RPGs, but I've still got quite a few on the "to read" shelf:

- Pirate's Guide to Freeport. I started this last month. What I really liked about this incarnation of Freeport is that they toned down some of the goofiness that had crept into the adventures over the years and reestablished the city as the home of pirates meets Lovecraftian horror. Great fun to read.

- Pathfinder #5 Sins of the Saviors – features a memorable dungeon based around the seven deadly sins and Golarion's evil Runelords. This is the penultimate part of the first adventure path.

- Six Arabian Nights – an Open Design Arabian adventure anthology by Wolfgang Baur, with adventures from David “Zeb” Cook and Jeff Grubb (Al-Qadim creator); I get a credit for my tiny contribution to the chapter on the city of Siwal!

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