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Red Hand of Doom Session #27 Into the Fane

Here's what happened in last night's game when we learned that cleric/rogue/sorcerer is a suboptimal party combination.

Session xp: 917xp for Enzo; 1,200xp for Avatea & Fabius.

 4th Eleasias (contd)
 Leaving Ager and Johan outside on the ledge on guard, the others head inside the Fane, with Fabius in the lead, checking for traps. He opens the door to a large chamber, with five exquisitely sculpted dragon heads protruding from the ceiling, each spitting coloured jets of fire. Also in here are two blue draconic devils (abishai) and two wyvern zombies. The devils both cast suggestion on Fabius, forcing him to drop his sword and his gear, and to take off his armour. He runs off when this happens. Avatea tries to turn the zombies but fails as Enzo blasts the room with fireballs. The devils summon another two abishai which attack Avatea in the corridor. The two wyvern zombies fall to Avatea’s moonblade and Enzo’s spells but the cleric is knocked unconscious and, embarrassingly, has to be saved by Fabius with a potion. The PCs manage to bring down one of the devils as the two summoned ones disappear back to Hell and the fourth one retreats, but the party are unable to finish off the unconscious abishai without good-aligned weapons. Despite this, Fabius keeps hitting it to make sure it doesn’t get up again.
 Enzo casts identify on the helmet found in the troll’s sack: this is an angelhelm which allows the wearer to strike as if his weapons are good-aligned. They use this to finish off the blue devil with a coup de grace. Avatea uses Johan’s magical sleeping bag (?) to recover her spells as Enzo identifies some more loot. Rest in the dragon’s cave 140 feet up.
 5th Eleasias
 Fabius triggers the five-headed dragon trap on the main doors yet again! Then, Avatea casts mass resist energy (electricity) and mass align weapon on everyone plus protection from evil on herself before donning the angelhelm. Then, the trio head back inside, only to find the surviving blue devil has been reinforced by three black dragonspawn which breathe acid on the party. The abishai casts suggestion and Enzo runs off, out the Fane and down the mountain. When he collapses in exhaustion, the others catch up with him.

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