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Red Hand of Doom Session #26 On the Ledge

Here's what happened in last night's game. Session xp is 2,700 xp each for Enzo, Johan and Ager.

4th Eleasias (contd)
Enzo and Johan arrive on the ledge at the entrance to the Fane. Avatea casts protective spells on the party: anti-dragon aura and mass resist energy (fire) on everyone, resist energy (cold) on Enzo and protection from evil on Johan and Ager. As she does this, a huge voice booms out from the five giant dragon heads, telling the party to leave their offerings to Tiamat and then go away. Johan attempts a witty reply and in the process figures out that the voice is only coming from one place: the blue dragon head. Then, Tyrgarun, a large blue dragon flies out of the mouth of this head and down to attack the party. Fabius runs off in terror, leaving Ager, Enzo and Johan to fight it. Enzo takes to the air, casting rays of enfeeblement and clumsiness as the dragon breathes on him and then hurls a fireball at the other two from a wand. Ager is ineffectual, plinking away with his crossbow until Enzo casts fly on him. Johan casts alter self to turn himself into a troglodyte and then dragonskin (to give himself an almost untouchable AC 42) and charges bravely into melee with Tyrgarun. True to form, the ensuing attack is a spectacular miss and the hapless Jade Phoenix mage drops his oversized sword into the ravine 150 feet below. The dragon manages to score a couple of lucky blows before also fumbling and dropping its wand of fireballs into the same crevasse.

Johan goes after his sword, pursued by the great beast, and manages to hit it very hard with a Divine Surge attack (for 56 damage) when he gets it back. Enzo helps out with scorching ray, luminous swarm and orb of acid, but it’s Ager who deals the killing blow with a Stygian strike from his morningstar. With Tyrgarun dead, the PCs decide to fly up to the blue dragon head and into its mouth; inside is a large cave which seems to serve as the lair of five different dragons. There’s a lot of treasure which they grab, including a magical morningstar, a belt, a cloak, pair of boots and a staff. Flying back down, Johan tries to open the doors into the Fane, triggering a trap which blasts all three PCs with acid, fire, cold and electricity from the five-headed dragon sculpture above the entrance. Despite this setback, the doors now stand open….

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