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City ward names

Some possible ward names, many of which I've stolen from FR's Calimport:

Old Quarter
Caravans Ward - first ward you come to at the Camel Gate
Garden Ward - contains the Garden Mausoleum of Hulieman
Dock Ward - Flotsam, the Old Docks and the slums
Faiths Ward - temples to the Sahasran, Tiangaon and Akhrani gods
Maker's Ward - guilds, taverns
Poor Ward - half orc neighbourhood, tanneries, red light district

Imperial Quarter
Jewel Ward - Royal Docks, dwarven district
Grand Ward - wealthy residential area, park
Palace Ward - the basileus' palace, garrison, noble district
Emerald Ward - magic district, fine shops, upmarket inns
Civic Ward - hippodrome, basilica, financial district, university

How do these sound? You can see a map of the city here

Also, each ward needs a mark or symbol which is carved high on the walls, facing inwards. Any suggestions?


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Feb. 16th, 2008 08:29 am (UTC)
Ward names
To be honest they sound a bit functional. Why not go for something more exotic. Or maybe there could be the official name for the ward and the name the locals give to it.

Feb. 16th, 2008 11:20 am (UTC)
Re: Ward names
Yeah, they are a bit. I like your idea that these are the official names and there are local names too. I've changed one misleading name and added the symbols - maybe the nicknames have something to do with these? Also, the residents of the Imperial Quarter and Old Quarter might have less than flattering nicknames for the wards on the opposite side of the Dolphin Strait!

The symbols are carved into the walls of the ward in the Old Quarter; in the Imperial Quarter, they are represented with small mosaics.

Old Quarter
Caravans Ward - camel
Garden Ward - elephant
Dock Ward - leaping dolphin
Faiths Ward - sacred cow
Maker's Ward - tools
Poor Ward - bowl

Imperial Quarter
Jewel Ward - three wavy lines
Grand Ward - sphinx
Palace Ward - crown
Emerald Ward - five coins in a pyramid
Civic Ward - horse

Edited at 2008-02-16 11:23 am (UTC)
Feb. 20th, 2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Ward names
Hey great idea about the symbols. It would certainly help visitors get their bearings and help overcome and language barriers.

Feb. 22nd, 2008 07:05 am (UTC)
Re: Ward names
and help the players remember which ward is which!
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