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Here's what happened in Monday night's game. We didn't get to try out the new Death & Dying rules after all!

Session xp: 1,800 xp for 9th level PCs; 2,200 xp for 8th level PCs.
 1st Eleasias
 Avatea, Ager and Fabius are hiding among the trees when three of the black dragonspawn approach. One of them charges Fabius who is spotted as he moves from one tree to another, forcing the halfling to fight defensively. Meanwhile, Ager takes to the air to use his breath weapon on the other two as Skather (the sniper from Brindol) attacks Avatea with poisoned arrows. The badly wounded cleric flees from Skather to heal herself and the sniper switches targets to Ager, doing quite a bit damage to the dragon shaman. Once Avatea has healed herself, she helps out Ager and then uses sound lance to finish off Skather. Fabious is still fighting the one remaining dragonspawn, ducking behind a tree trunk to avoid being hit; the others help him out and all four dragonspawn lie dead. There’s no sign of Johan and Enzo so the PCs loot the bodies, try and work out what everything is, and then head off.
 3rd Eleasias
 After trekking through the mountains for a couple of days, the three PCs set up camp for the night. Avatea, on first watch, is disturbed by a troll hunter who starts chasing her round the campfire. The others wake up and join in the battle. The troll is knocked unconscious but it’s still regenerating and the party are forced to cut off its head and throw it in the fire to finish it off.
 4th Eleasias
 The three PCs arrive at the  Fane of Tiamat. A sheer cliff, several hundreds of feet high, is carved with the lifelike rendition of a five headed dragon. The dragon is massive, easily 150’ tall and carved to look as if it were perched on the wide ledge at the bottom of the cliff and emerging from the stone itself. This motif is repeated in another carving above the double doors leading into the fane.


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