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Here's what happened in last night's game.  Session xp = 1,125 xp each (2,063 xp for Avach)

12th Uktar (contd)
Continue exploring the Inner Vaults. Head towards the Descecrated Reliquary. Karim and Avach trigger the electrical trap and the stunning trap but the genasi finds and disarms the third part. Inside the chamber, Lyman moves the stone box with mage hand after much deliberation. Then, Karim examines the strange box, can’t find a way to open it and decides to take it with him. Attacked by three more wights as they go to leave the chamber; Alessandra destroys two by using her Disciple of the Sun power.

Explore a room piled full of skulls, and then the Bane Destroyer room and its controls; Lyman figures out these rooms were used by Danar to destroy banes. From here, the PCs enter the Wide Hall  but decide not to approach the glow coming from the west. Instead, they head north and battle two more wights. Alessandra again destroys them, but only after the undead have used their spiked chains to trip Karim and Avach.

Head west to the Conflagration Chamber where three slaadi (red, blue & green) emerge from the pit and attack. Lyman casts disintegrate but his spell opens a portal to Olympus instead of killing the green slaad. Karim and Avach (on 3 hp) both withdraw and Alessandra casts word of recall to take the PCs back to the Winsome Repose.

The Betrayed appears from the stone box in Karim’s room and attacks him while he sleeps, bestowing a negative level on the blade saint. The others wake up and rush to help, forcing the vampiric creature back into gaseous form. They decide to stand guard over the box until morning. An hour later, the Betrayed appears again and has to be defeated once more. Realising they can’t wait, the party go to the House of the Firehair, wake up Sapphira and seek her advice. She casts hallow on the box so that when the Betrayed is beaten next time, he won’t be able to return into it, and removes negative levels from Karim and Alessandra. The undead monster appears for a third time and the PCs kill him, this time permanently. They sleep in the temple complex for what’s left of the night.

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