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Here's what happened in last night's game as the PCs (minus Ager) took on the "chapter boss", Wyrmlord Kharn, and then learned there was another chapter to come.

Session xp: 3,600 xp for Enzo & Avatea; 4,500 xp for Johan & Fabius

 28th Flamerule (contd)
 The PCs return across the square to the Cathedral of Lathander where Lady Kaal is organizing the final defence while Tredora tends to Lord Jaarmath and the poisoned Ager. Then, Captain Lars Ulverth arrives with grim news: Wyrmlord Kharn and his forces are heading for the cathedral. The PCs don’t have long to get ready before Kharn, a 7’ tall hobgoblin wearing red dragonscale plate armour, appears at the head of the Red Hand troops and makes a beeline for the party. Johan ends up fighting him toe to toe while his giants and ogres engage the other PCs and Captain Ulverth and the Lions of Brindol do battle with hobgoblins, goblin worg riders and bugbears. Fabius hides behind a statue of Lathander outside the temple, stepping out to make attacks on a hill giant as the surviving Tiri Kitor elves fire arrows, Enzo strikes with lightning bolts and Avatea supports Johan with healing. He needs it too as Kharn is a tough opponent, wielding a wounding heavy pick against the Jade Phoenix mage. Eventually Kharn falls to Enzo’s scorching rays, leading to a retreat by the Red Hand Horde – the efforts of the PCs and their allies have been enough to win the day!

29th Flamerule
 A great victory celebration is held in Brindol and the recovered Lord Jarmaath publicly thanks the PCs for their role in the Battle of Brindol. Afterwards, he summons the party to Brindol Keep – he has grim news. Although the Red Hand Horde has been driven off, their leader, Azarr Kul, the High Wyrmlord is working on a ritual to open a portal to Tiamat’s realm in the Nine Hells. He must be stopped!
 30th Flamerule
 Teleport to Vraath Keep: Avatea casts a spell; Enzo uses one of the scrolls given to them by Lord Jarmaath. Avatea casts longstrider on Fabius so he can keep up with everyone else on his little legs. Head for the Fane of Tiamat in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. Attacked by two cyclops and a sonic-lance firing yrthak; easily dealt with.
 1st Eleasias
 Ambushed by blackspawn raiders led by the sniper from Cathedral Square in Brindol. End up surrounded with Johan in trouble. Enzo and Avatea open up an escape route for him by killing one of the dragonspawn. Scatter into the trees.


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