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Red Hand of Doom Session #23 Sniper Attack!

Here's what happened in last night's game. Session xp: 2,606 xp for Enzo; 3,333 xp for Ager, Avatea & Johan; 3,900 xp for Fabius.

 28th Flamerule (contd)
Once the PCs and their allies have had a chance to regroup, the barricade comes under attack again, this time from white-furred Blood Ghost berserker bugbears. Enzo tries to trap them in a web but this doesn’t work as some of the goblinoids set fire to it while others climb onto the roofs of nearby buildings. Ager leaps onto the rooftops also, jumping across to where two bugbears are, but the monsters ignore him and jump off. The dragon shaman springs back on to the first roof and launches himself at one of them, scoring a decent hit before falling prone on the ground in front of the other one. He recovers, killing the pair with his cold breath weapon. Meanwhile, the other bugbears have rushed the barricade with two leaping over it. Eventually all of them are slain but Soranna, two Lions of Brindol, one elf and two soldiers also fall in the battle. The cowardly Fabius tries to loot the bodies of these allies but it discouraged by the others and fills his bag of holding with bugbear armour instead.

 The next wave consists of goblins riding on bluespawn thunderlizards – big draconic beasts bristling with electrical charges and capable of firing lightning bolts at the party. These creatures are defeated too, with Enzo using his cone of cold scroll to devastating effect, but by now there are only five elves, two giant owls and two soldiers left standing.

 As the PCs head back to Cathedral Square to regroup, their telepathic bond to Lord Jarmaath is abruptly cut off: the leader of Brindol’s defenders has been shot by a sniper and Speaker Norro Wiston of Drellin’s Ferry has been killed. As Avatea and Fabius go inside the Cathedral of Lathander to see what’s happened and help the clerics, Ager sprints across the square, jumps up to the first floor window of Discreet Departures (a coffin shop), only to be attacked by the black dragonspawn sniper himself. Enzo flies across to help and opens the door downstairs, getting blasted by lightning bolts from two hobgoblin sorcerers. This is the last thing they ever do as Enzo's retaliation is swify and lethal.

Upstairs, the assassin keeps going invisible after his attacks, making it hard for Ager and now Johan to pinpoint him. Then, the dragonspawn strikes at Ager, knocking him down to –15 hp – the dragon shaman is weaker because he has switched his +4 amulet of health for Abithriax’s +2 amulet. When the other PCs arrive to help, the sniper leaps out the window, turns invisible and escapes.

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