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Here's what happened in last night's game. Each PC gets 1,050 xp.

Events in Zaz This Week
I. Assassination attempt on Dolam Coincatcher (guildmaster of the Guild of Marketcarters and Grocers) fails; assassin escapes.

11th Uktar
Lyman’s headband of intellect +4 is delivered by the Dreaming Apothecary.

12th Uktar   
Lyman receives sending from Jevicca: the Inverted Pyramid are sending help to the PCs. Shortly afterwards, Avach Ur-Tesstrin (eldritch warrior) arrives via teleport. He explains that followers of Brother Heth Neferul posing as members of the Church of Torm are trying to find the sword of lies in the Banewarrens and that the Inverted Pyramid have sent him to help the PCs stop them getting hold of it. This causes some confusion as Sister Mara of Torm has sent the party after the sword too.

Enter the Banewarrens and go through a newly-opened secret door in the Outer Vaults, triggering a forbiddance spell. At the entrance to the Inner Vaults, an illusion of Danar warns the party to turn back; they plough on regardless.

Head upstairs into the Inner Vaults and enter the Sanctification Chamber and defeat three wights. Next, the PCs cast several buff spells, then go into the Desecrated Temple where they battle the Betrayed (a vampiric undead) and his blaspheme companion. The Betrayed tries to shake Alessandra’s faith in Sune but is unsuccessful and is reduced to below 0hp by her spells and Lyman’s; he turns into gaseous form. The blaspheme’s bite does Strength damage to first Karim and then Avach, dazing them, but the PCs are able to kill the undead creature. They search the room, opening the decanter – actually a flask of curses, but no one ends up cursed – and Karim puts on a silver cloak which turns out to be a cloak of poisonousness. He loses 7 Con and can’t get it off but Alessandra is able to save him with panacea and heal.

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