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New Parsantium Location

Here's a location in the Old Quarter:

Vishnu Mandira
Situated in the temple district of the Old Quarter, this huge building is the biggest temple to a Sahasran god this side of the Pillars of Heaven mountains. Dedicated to Vishnu, the most-widely worshipped god in the Vedic pantheon, the mandira has four ornate pyramid-like towers: the tallest is over 200 feet high with the others progressively smaller. The outside of the structure is covered in intricate brightly-coloured carvings of the Sahasran gods, folk heroes, animals and monsters. Inside, the garbhagriha (“holy of holies”) forms the central focus, housing an idol of Vishnu reclining on a great serpent, and is surrounded by a circular passage for worshippers to walk round. There are also subsidiary shrines to the other gods, including Mitra (“Light of Blessings”), Surya (the sun god) and Varuna (deity of the cosmic order). It is customary for visitors to remove their footwear before entering the temple, and to make offerings of flowers, rice or sweets at the shrine of the god they are beseeching for help or guidance. Several sacred cows, painted virulent shades of blue or purple, wander the temple grounds.

Any comments?

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