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Fabious' Story

Here's the back story of Fabious Grabbyloot, latest defender of Elsir Vale:

Early life
The bloody battle of Vymer Pass came to a climax as General Yardling struck the death blow to one of the heads of the mighty ettin commander, Yogral Tah. Unfortunately the other head, not yet fully appreciative of the fact that its own life was by association seeping away, struck back with its nail spiked club knocking the General's helmet (and a meaningful part of his skull) flying across the battlefield. For those few survivors watching the tragic moment, it was as if the whole thing was played out in slow motion. The drawn out sound of a nine inch nail screeching across the General's helmet, his skull erupting in a blossom of blood and gore, his body gracefully flying backwards in an ark.

As one of those watching, Private Fabious Grabbyloot wasn’t sure why time was being so over dramatic but decided to use the opportunity to run in and deftly prise the General's sword from his dying hand before he had even hit the ground. As a souvenir of course!

At the end of the court martial that ensued, the Lord Marshal described Fabious as “An opportunistic rogue with the moral integrity of a Drow”. When Fabious asked if that qualified him for some sort of pay rise he was thrown in the stockade without further evidence.

Luckily for Fabious though, he discovered that the stockade was largely built on the assumption that soldiers thrown in there were honour bound not to try and escape. Free from such burdens, he identified at least three ways to escape in the first hour. His preferred option was the latrines used by the inmates at break times. He found that by crawling down one of these convenient halfling-sized holes he could just about squeeze his way out to freedom.

Thus ended Fabious’s very short career as a soldier. His father, who had hoped Fabious would be the first Grabbyloot to break from the traditional family career of thieving resigned himself to teaching his son the ‘art’.

Fabious excelled in his studies and in just a few months acquired a years worth of skills. But his father was something of a traditionalist and believed that the best way to learn the skills of a thief were by necessity. And so at the end of his training, Fabious was kicked out of the family home without a copper piece and only the clothes on his back (although his mother did manage to smuggle a rock cake into his jacket pocket). His father decreed he could not return to his parents until he had collected enough money to buy a palace.

This all but impossible challenge was largely meant to break the bonds between father and son and make him an independent free spirit, something he would realise as he matured. However, after three years, Fabious seems to have missed the deeper meaning of his challenge and is still amassing money so that he can return home to his mum's rock cakes and his father’s outlandish tales of adventure over the family meal.

Fabious is rather like a child serial killer. He is whiney, annoying, and an absolute coward when it comes to combat, and has no compunction at all about committing morally repugnant acts to acquire wealth. Although he has a mind like a steel trap when it comes to acquiring treasure, he also has all the common sense of a headless zombie.

His primary role within a party is support. He is expert at finding secret doors and hidden treasures and, although he is cowardly in combat, he is more than happy to risk his life trying to disarm traps if there is potential treasure involved.

Although Fabious is obsessed by treasure he would not steal from his own party, but the benefits of any extracurricular activities he performs are never shared. He is very neutral in outlook and doesn’t like to be restricted by laws and codes of conduct.

Fabious prides himself on the fact that he has never bought anything in his entire life. But the rarity of halfling-sized gear and the increasing dangers he faces means he is giving serious but painful thought to the fact he may one day have to buy protective magic items. He wears a potato sack with the words ‘Windy Farm Potatoes’ printed in red as a sort of overcoat and two odd boots. He hasn’t washed in about two years and relies on the occasional downpour to dampen his considerable odour.


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Jan. 10th, 2008 01:10 pm (UTC)
Old George, for all his quirks was a decent stick, and it was a shame to lose him.

But I can see that Fabious is going to be difficult to love :).

Jan. 10th, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
You could be right. Still, with Mike's track record, he won't last long!
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