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Updated History of Parsantium

Not much changed, but I've updated the history based on comments from z45tu7 (who is clearly Georg and not Jeff).

Some History
Parsantium was originally founded in the distant past by Sahasran refugees fleeing through the snow-filled passes of the Pillars of Heaven Mountains to escape the dark empire of Kadar and its fell sorcerors and geomancers. Several centuries later, traders arrived from the Caliphate of Akhran, many of whom settled in the city, building mosques and khanduqs in what is now the Old Quarter.  About a thousand years ago it was conquered by the Corandias the Magnificent and subsequently grew in importance, becoming a powerful city and trading hub for the region. With Corandias’ death in battle with the fearsome striped centaurs of the Great Grass Sea to the east, his empire was divided up by his opportunistic generals since his son and heir was only three years old. In the centuries that followed, repeated invasions by orcs, hobgoblins and gnolls led to the break up of the Batiaran Empire. Parsantium itself was sacked several times during this period, before being recaptured 100 years ago from a hobgoblin "king" by Corandias XVI the Stubborn in the Great Crusade. He couldn’t have done this without support from the Platinum Order of the Knights of Bahamut. New city walls, 60’ high and very thick, were built, trade opened up to the east with Tiangao along the Silk Road and the city’s prosperity increased again.

Any suggestions?

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