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Hey, no PC deaths this week! Session xp:  1,215 xp for Enzo; 1,680 xp for Avatea & Ager; 2,205xp for Johan & Fabius.

Once the hill giants have been dealt with, Avatea gets an urgent message from Lord Jarmaath: a red dragon is attacking the city, breathing fire. The PCs and their allies hurry back to the southern part of Brindol to confront Abithriax, the red dragon, with some of the party protected by mass resist energy (fire). Enzo casts an empowered ray of clumsiness which reduces Abithriax to 1 Dexterity but this doesn’t stop the wyrm swooping down to breathe fire on Ager, Johan and the elves. When Enzo hits the dragon with a ray of enfeeblement, he lands next to the sorcerer and bites him. Enzo moves away, casting another spell, as the Lions of Brindol charge in to melee. Ager tries to jump on to the back of one Lion’s horse and use his breath weapon. This tricky manoeuvre goes badly awry: Ager breathes cold on the Lion, his horse and Johan, before falling at Abithriax’s feet and suffering a full attack from the dragon! However, the PCs inflict more and more wounds on Abithriax and eventually Avatea is able to finish him off with a searing light. Two elves and two Lions of Brindol were lost in the battle.

Next, the PCs need to put out the fires started by the red dragon’s breath. Fortunately, Killiar and the other surviving elves are good at firefighting, as is Ager who is able to extinguish one fire with his icy breath. As the party fight the fires, Ager notices a scruffy halfling prying a scale from the dragon’s body. This turns out to be Fabius, a halfling rogue who reluctantly agrees to rejoin the bucket chain.

 The PCs don’t get long to catch their breath before Lord Jarmaath contacts Avatea again: fighting has moved into the city streets and the PCs are needed to slow the horde’s advance into Brindol by reinforcing a group of soldiers and elves stationed on the Dawn Way just west of the marketplace. Here, the party repel an attack from two manticores and eight hobgoblins. The Tiri Kitor elves are particularly effective with their bows, taking down the manticores while Enzo traps the hobgoblins with a web and Johan and Ager rush round the barricade and into melee. Fabius hides in a bush, supporting with sneak attacks from his sling. The enemy is defeated but five soldiers are killed. The PCs are certain more of the Red Hand forces are on their way…

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