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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Session xp: 3,275 xp for Kadia, Garth & Grey; 2,571 xp for Kal, Myrtle & Slasher -- this should be enough for Kadia to level up.

17th Flocktime (contd)
The PCs finish off the two nalfeshnees but then the Cathezar appears through the door. This time, her face resembles Kal’s father’s but the sorcerer isn’t phased. The Cathezar makes short work of the two surviving guardinals and severely wounds Grey with her vicious spiked chains. Garth, Slasher and Kadia go toe to toe with the demonic killer in the doorway as Nurn, Kal and Grey support with spells. Slasher is grappled by her tail but uses his Mad Foam Rager ability to delay the effects until the following round. Badly wounded by the fighters, the Cathezar teleports away.
The PCs search the nalfeshnees’ den and the Cathezar’s room, finding quite a bit of treasure including a crystal ball and the Cathezar’s journal, written in Infernal. Nurn finds a trap on the door to the south which he manages to set off while trying to disarm it, blasting himself with magical cold. Eventually he deactivates it and Slasher makes short work of the door with his great axe. Beyond is a long, thin room full of cubbyholes containing all sorts of stuff. There is also another door which leads to a cell holding the unconscious Myrtle and two other halflings: a swine-herder from Oakhurst in the Principality of Ulek named Albie, and a barrel-maker from Greyhawk called Kemble Cooper. Both were attacked by the Cathezar and brought here. After finding Myrtle’s gear and gathering all the treasure in the room outside, the party return to the Last Resort. Garth gives Albie and Kemble money for food, new clothes and passage back home. Grey and Garth use comprehend languages to translate the Cathezar’s journal and then the whole party puzzles over its meaning. Receive another sending from Belios.
  • Garth becomes 17th level; Kal becomes 18th level.

18th Flocktime   

Redistribute various rings of protection among the party. Grey summons Nereshu the avoral again to give her a +1 inherent power boost amulet (increases the DC of her spell-like abilities by 1).
Teleport to Belios’ tower in Gryrax. A dishevelled looking young woman named Alicia answers the door and shows the PCs in to see the sage who has a bad hangover. Kal scares the living daylights out of Belios who promises to concentrate fully on the task in hand and provide them with better value for money from now on. Teleport back to Freeport; Slasher buys a magical helm.
Research Waybury in the library of the Temple of Rao enough to get a fix for greater teleport and then travel there. Head outside town to the Guild of Sleep where people go to experience the power of sleep and dreams. Slasher pays 20gp for a private “dream pod” – he dreams about a ring of standing stones with a druid and a giant bear in the centre, about opening the door at the end of the corridor where he’s sleeping in the Guild, and about his mother’s painful labour when giving birth to him. After he’s woken up by the elven “rousers” he suggests the PCs go back to town and discuss things over a hearty meal. Get rooms at the Jolly Swan Inn; talk to the locals about the Guild of Sleep. Most people think it’s a bit odd and warn of the dangers of getting addicted to dreams, but don’t think there’s anything sinister going on.

19th Flocktime 
Go back to the Guild of Sleep and talk to the elves again. Garth casts detect evil but can’t detect any. Slasher asks about his dreams: the elves say that Dreamer Prime might be able to answer the party’s questions, but she is dreaming (and has been for seven years) and doesn’t like being woken up.

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