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Here's what happened in Monday night's session. Another PC death! I feel like a butcher!

1,260 xp for Enzo, 1,547 xp for 8th level PCs, 1,960xp for 7th level PCs

 22nd Flamerule
 Arrive near Talar at the crossroads of the Dawn Way and the trail from the Ghostlord’s lair, guarded by a hobgoblin sorcerer mounted on a wyvern. The PCs take too long to decide what to do and the wyvern swoops down. Enzo casts lesser orb of acid which damages the winged beast but it still manages to hit Ager with its stinger, poisoning him (-10 Con!). Avatea casts restoration on Ager as Enzo brings the wyvern down with a scorching ray. The hobgoblin rider falls to the ground and Avatea finishes him off with searing light.
 Meet Johan, a Jade Phoenix Mage with an enormous sword who appears from the abandoned  town of Talar – he agrees to escort the other PCs to Brindol.
 23rd Flamerule
 Arrive in Brindol: the PCs are taken to the Great Hall at Brindol Keep to meet with Lord Kerden Jarmaath and his Defense Council. Also present are Lady Verrrasa Kaal (wealthy noblewoman & merchant), Captain Lars Ulverth (leader of the Lion Guard) and Morninglord Tredora Goldenbrow (cleric of Lathander) as well as old friends Norro Wiston, Soranna Anitah and Sellyria Starsinger.
 The PCs introduce themselves with Enzo and Old George making a particularly good impression while Ager has the opposite effect and Gusty is sent to the kitchens. Nevertheless the party manage to convince Lord Jarmaath and the council to defend the walls instead of meeting the Red Hand Horde in open warfare, and to use the town’s clerics as mobile support. They also argue successfully that Avatea and Sellyria should be linked to Lord Jarmaath via Immerstal the Red’s telepathic bond.

28th Flamerule

 The horde reaches Brindol and encamps, attacking at night.
 Lord Jarmaath sends the PCs and their allies (Soranna, four Lions of Brindol and four Tiri Kitor elves) outside the south wall of the city to take out four hill giants throwing boulders at the walls. Ager, George, Johan, the Lions and the elves charge in while Avatea and Enzo take to the air, invisible. Johan is struck hard by a power-attacking hill giant and is knocked unconscious. Old George is killed by a second giant with a critical hit; the giant is finished off by Soranna and the Lions. Meanwhile, the owl-riding elves deal with Johan’s opponent as Avatea and Enzo support with spells. Two owls are killed by the third giant, their riders falling to earth. The third giant is slain; the fourth decides to flee into the darkness. The PCs have triumphed but not without paying a terrible price. Gusty’s howls of sorrow ring through the air.

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