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I've recovered from my horrendous cold and returned from the Celtic lands in time to write up Monday night's tougher than usual session.

Quite a lot of xp which will definitely see Enzo hit 9th level:  2,040xp for 8th level PCs, 2,608 xp for 7th level PCs.

18th Flamerule(contd)
Emerging from the opening in the stone lion is a huge fiendish behir. Most of the PCs retreat to a distance but Ager stands his ground, only to be subject to the monster’s lightning breath. When the behir closes, it manages to grab the dragon shaman in its jaws and swallows him. The others try to help but struggle to overcome the beast’s spell and energy resistances or break through its tough hide with weapons. Ager is able to use a potion of gaseous form to escape, but the behir switches its attentions to Avatea, swallowing her instead. Old George tries to help but it grabbed and constricted by the monster’s tail, Trying to help, Kiaphas casts fireball which does some damage to the behir, but more worryingly, does so much damage to George that he goes unconscious, much to Gusty’s disgust! Ager, now substantial again, attacks the creature, killing it, and Avatea is able to climb out through its mouth.

After some healing has taken place, Ager and Kiaphas head up the steps, past the two formidable lion statues and into the behir’s lair where they find little of interest. Enzo follows them in and finds a secret door leading to a passage which heads upwards. Ager opens it and steps in, only to be attacked by two ghostly lions. The lions roar and the PCs flee in terror. Once they’ve calmed down, they decide going back in is only going to upset the Ghostlord so they set off for Brindol.

20th Flamerule
 At the end of the day, the PCs near a farmhouse where they spot a group of hobgoblins and an ogre torturing a couple of captives. They go to help, blundering straight into an ambush as two greater barghests and four blackspawn raiders attack with surprise, having been hidden with invisibility. A very tough fight ensues as George and Ager battle the barghest and blackspawn nearest the torture victims while the others fight the second group. Enzo takes to the air but when Kiaphas turns into an avariel using alter self and tries to do the same, he is brought down by attacks of opportunity from his foes. Eventually, the party are victorious: one blackspawn escapes along with a couple of hobgoblins but their other enemies lie dead. Unfortunately, Kiaphas is among the fallen, yet another casualty of the Red Hand Horde.

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