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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Maybe there will be less shopping and more adventuring next session!

Session xp: 2,700 xp for Myrtle; 3,375 xp for Slasher; 4,500 xp for Kal, Kadia & Grey; 6,000 xp for Garth. Should be enough for Kal and Garth to level up.

14th Flocktime
The Cathezar, a chain-wielding, female demon/devil with six arms and a snake’s lower body, teleports into the party’s camp and attacks Myrtle. Even more disturbing is that her face looks like Myrtle’s mother’s! Her chain rake attacks put the halfling on negative hit points and she grabs hold of the hapless rogue with her tail. As the others move in to attack, Grey saves Myrtle’s life by casting revivify to stabilise her. Then, the Cathezar leaves via teleport, taking Myrtle with her.

The battle has been observed by a blond-haired man in dark clothes armed with a rapier who appears from behind a tree: he introduces himself as Nurn, says his master, Hethradiah, is working against the Cathezar’s master, Aameul, and offers to help the party. Although Kal is very suspicious, they decide that Nurn is their only lead in finding out what is going on and decide to take him with them to Gryrax.

Grey casts word of recall and the PCs arrive back in their home in Gryrax. Kadia heads to Maldin & Elenderi’s with lots of magical loot to sell but nearly gets herself banned for calling Elbrak a “mad old coot”. Kal then points out it would be a good idea to identify it first so they decide to return later.

Kal starts identifying magic items while the others go to the Bishopric Library in the Temple Quarter to research Dydd, the Cathezar, Aameul, Hethradiah and the Bastion of Unborn Souls (without much success). Slasher isn’t much use here, being illiterate, so he takes his purple worm head to the Headhunters as a trophy, pays his 500 gp membership fee and is admitted to the adventurer’s guild.

15th Flocktime
Kal spends another day casting identify while the others continue with their research, learning that the Guild of Sleep has something to do with the Bastion of Unborn Souls. Grey casts discern location and learns that Myrtle is being held in the basement of the Higgins Warehouse, Warehouse District in Freeport.

Sell & buy magic items: Slasher buys gloves of the titan’s grip and a crystal mask of mind armour; Grey buys +5 glamered full plate armour; Kal buys goggles of draconic vision. Hire Belios the sage and his students at 1,500 gp per week to research Dydd etc. Belios is to give them daily updates via sending (costing 350gp per time!)

16th Flocktime
Teleport to Freeport with Nurn. Get rooms at the Last Resort; Bobbin Brandydale, the manager, requests they don’t cause any trouble this time. He also says Brother Egil has been asking for them.
Kal casts invisibility on everyone and they head to the Warehouse District and the Higgins Warehouse. Slasher tries and fails to bash in the door so Nurn picks the lock. Search round the empty ground floor, then leave.

Visit the Temple of Rao and talk to Brother Egil who asks them to help him find out why children are being born, apparently without souls. They explain about Myrtle and ask him to check the library for any information that seems relevant. Egil also mentions the Guild of Sleep which he says is near the town of Waybury in the Duchy of Ulek.

Go back to the Warehouse District and visit the dodgy stevedores' tavern, the Block and Tackle. Slasher uses his eyepatch of pirate appearance to blend in but the others stick out like a sore thumb. The landlady takes Kal’s money and tells him that there is nothing going on at the Higgins Warehouse.
Later, Belios gives his first daily update via sending: “The Cathezar’s nature is divided, like the mind of her master”. Kal responds with “Send more useful information tomorrow.”

17th Flocktime

Return to the warehouse. Kal casts detect magic and Grey casts detect evil. Nurn opens the trapdoor and the party head downstairs. Kadia flies into the first room, triggering the greater dispelling and field of cold traps. The three nalfeshnees in the next chamber target her with spells through their spyholes and the monk retreats to the stairs. Grey summons first a leonal and then two avorals (one is Nereshu yet again!) to attack the demons behind the iron door. As the guardinals fight the demons, the nalfeshnees respond by summoning two glabrezus to attack the PCs in the first room now that Nurn has disarmed the traps.

Slasher manages to kill one of the glabrezus with a single impressive strike; Kal disintegrates the iron door so that the party can get at the nalfeshnees. Slasher’s next move is less effective: he charges into the room beyond, drawing attacks of opportunity from the two demons he runs past as well as the one he’s charging and then misses! Meanwhile, Nurn kills one of the nalfeshnees as the others finish off the second glabrezu, but one avoral is down too. The battle continues…..


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Nov. 25th, 2007 11:14 pm (UTC)
3950gp per week
for research? Have you all gone completely mad without Myrtle to keep you in line?
Nov. 26th, 2007 10:16 am (UTC)
Re: 3950gp per week
We were blinded by our sudden, unexpected and never-to-be-repeated wealth (this is also the reason why we spent so long shopping instead of rescuing you). I've decided that it will be cheaper, quicker and involve fewer fucking riddles if I just teleport back and speak to the venerable sage directly...
Nov. 26th, 2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
Re: 3950gp per week
At last, someone's talking some sense! Go go Kal!
Nov. 27th, 2007 01:05 pm (UTC)
Re: 3950gp per week
LOL! Yes, that might be sensible. Just need to get out of your current situation first, preferably with Myrtle.
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