Tyranny of Dragons, Session #39: Tiamat!

Here’s what happened in last night’s final session of our Tyranny of Dragons campaign which we started in May 2015.

10th Flamerule, 1491 DR (contd.)

As Rosie dimension doors to the entrance to Tiamat’s Temple in the Blue Chapel, Ug casts twinned haste on herself and Turin, Crake activates her wings of flying and Gwastdyn wildshapes into an air elemental. 

Rosie casts maddening darkness to fill the apse, where Severin the Red is levitating 100 feet above the temple floor and chanting. The others, still in the Black Chapel, attack the Red Wizards with arrows, swords and axes. 

Galvan (the Blue Wyrmspeaker) and the Red Wizard in the Blue Chapel cast lightning bolts and fireballs at Rosie, breaking her concentration, and bringing the warlock down to her last few hp. Gwastdyn flies in to support her while Ug goes after Severin, Turin attacks the mages in the Green Chapel, and Crake confronts Rath Modar.

Severin tries to wrap Ug in his hellish chains twice but the paladin escapes both times with her misty step. She slays the Red Wyrmspeaker, sending his body crashing down to the temple floor. As Ug flies down to grab the Mask of the Dragon Queen, Tiamat’s white dragon head appears through the portal! The paladin puts the mask on her head but without attunement it does little more than look cool and obscure her vision.

As more of Tiamat’s heads emerge, Gwastdyn comes out of wildshape to heal Rosie who kills Galvan and replenishes her strength from her soul cage. The hasted Turin finishes off the mages in the Green Chapel with arrows, while Crake continues to attack the elusive Rath Modar who uses greater invisibility, illusory self and mirror image to avoid being hit by Crake’s sneak attacks. Eventually, it is Tiamat who slays the Red Wizard when her green dragon head breathes poison gas on both Modar and Crake. 

Ug attacks Tiamat with her dragon slayer sword, burning spell slots to damage the Dragon Queen with divine smites. But after holding on to her twinned hast spell for the whole battle despite being breathed on and blasted over and over, Ug’s concentration finally fails; both the paladin and Turin are fatigued and cannot act for a round.

With the Red Wizards and Wyrmspeakers out of the picture, the PCs concentrate on attacking Tiamat. Rosie fires agonising blasts at Tiamat but the spells fail to harm her – more powerful magic is needed. Turin casts Otto’s Irresistible Dance which does work, giving the PCs advantage on their attacks. 

As Tiamat wholly emerges from the portal, things are looking grim: both Crake and Turin fall unconscious. Ug scores an impressive critical hit which does 99 points of damage but Tiamat is still standing. Gwastdyn heals Turin and Rosie gives Crake a potion. The pair stagger to their feet. Turin strikes the Dragon Queen for 14 damage, then Crake hits her with a sneak attack. Reduced to 0 hp, Tiamat discorporates!

The temple starts to shake and is clearly on the verge of collapse so the PCs beat a hasty retreat, leading as many of the cult’s prisoners to safety as they can. Outside, the Cult of the Dragon’s armies are fleeing from the Well of Dragons. The PCs and their allies from the Sword Coast have won!


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