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Tyranny of Dragons, Session #33: Attack at the Yawning Portal

Here’s what happened in Sunday’s game, in which the PCs thwarted an attack by the Cult of the Dragon, attended the Third Council of Waterdeep and reached 12th level.

28th Hammer

The PCs arrive back in Waterdeep after their meeting with the metallic dragons. They go to the Yawning Portal to check for news of Rosie but the warlock isn’t there – she’s left a message with Durnan saying she is attending to “pressing faction business”.

As the party discuss the upcoming meeting of the Council of Waterdeep and how they plan to win over King Melandrach and Ambassador Brawnanvil, there is a cry from the street. Several bystanders run into the inn, shouting that there is a dragon outside! Crake goes out the back door to see what’s going on and tries to climb up on the roof. The thief is followed by Gwastdyn who wild shapes into an air elemental and flies into the sky to attack the black dragon Vilholin who is attacking Waterdhavians in the street.

Unfortunately the dragon isn’t the only thing the adventurers have to worry about – a group of cultists appear at the back door to the pub. Three of them surround Crake while the others go inside the tavern where they are joined by a nycaloth and three mezzoloths who teleport into the taproom. One of the mezzoloths is banished by Turin but another one casts cloudkill and wipes out a number of innocent civilians. While Gwastdyn keeps Vilholin busy, the other three PCs each find themselves surrounded. Turin is down to 2 hp and even Ug is badly wounded.

Battle at the Yawning Portal

Gwastdyn spots the Griffon Cavalry are en route from Castle Waterdeep and disengages from attacking the dragon. Landing at the entrance to the Yawning Portal he casts healon Turin who has used dimension door to escape. Ug kills the gloating dragonsoul cult leader and Crake kills the second mezzoloth. With several of the cultists dead, the other two yugoloths flee and the PCs share a collective sigh of relief.

29th Hammer

After a good night’s sleep, the PCs attend the Third Council of Waterdeep. This time they notice a new attendee sitting next to Dagult Neverember of Neverwinter,  a female tiefling named Rian Nightshade who is introduced as the lord’s “special adviser”. The PCs give their reports on the meeting with the metallic dragons and their battle with the Green Wyrmspeaker Neronvain and Chuth in the Misty Forest. Turin explains to King Melandrach that he has promised the gold dragon Protanther an apology for the dragorage mythal, and Gwastdyn tells Brawnanvil that the dwarves are expected to apologise for the dragonmoots and return the armour made from the skin of Otaaryliakkarnos' niece. Both are irked at being put into a difficult position but reluctantly agree to honour the PCs’ promises.

The news that the metallic dragons expect a share of the loot also doesn’t go down that well but overall the council is pleased to have the dragons’ support. The PCs choose to allocate the metallic dragons as follows:

Silver – Harpers

Copper – Order of the Gauntlet

Brass – Dwarves

Bronze – Baldur’s Gate

Gold – Silverymoon

Then, Crake explains about the letter from Iskander that came into the PCs’ possession. The council is unanimous – whether it’s a trap or not, the PCs should travel to Xonthal’s Tower and attempt to recover the Blue Dragon Mask.

Dagult Neverember

Following the council meeting, the PCs catch up with Dagult Neverember. He reveals that Rian Nightshade is a member of the Zhentarim, and tells the party that earlier that day one of his aides, a man named Peregrin Bernat, had inexplicably killed an adviser to Brawnanvil, then hanged himself. The adventurers offer to castspeak with dead later on in an attempt to get to the bottom of the matter.

Afterwards they meet with Leosin Erlanthar who tells them that the council would like them to travel to Thay when they return from Xonthal’s Tower. A Red Wizard named Nyh Illmych has proposed that the Sword Coast and Thay discuss ways in which they might aid each other during the current crisis.

The PCs go to Neverember’s quarters in the castle and Gwastdyn casts speak with deadon Peregrin’s corpse. The dead man’s spirit answers the druid’s questions – he killed the dwarf because Meredith, “the love of my life”, told him to do it after Brawnanvil’s adviser saw the two of them meeting. He says that Meredith lives on Feather Street, in a house with a green door.

The PCs head to Feather Street and find the house. Turin and Ug knock on the front door and are admitted by the maidservant. Ug tactlessly breaks the news of Peregrin’s death to Meredith, a well-spoken lady. Meanwhile, Crake has sneaked in via the back door and rifles through Meredith’s desk, finding a series of incriminating papers that suggest Peregrin was spying on the council. Meredith throws Turin and Ug out as their cover story becomes more and more far-fetched.

Crake shows the others the papers. He goes off to check with Neverember that the handwriting is Peregrin’s while Gwastdyn and Turin go back to the house to confront Meredith. A fight breaks out in the hallway after the maidservant charms Turin and sends him away. Gwastdyn summons a pack of wolves and both women vanish, apparently turning ethereal. The PCs return to Castle Waterdeep and report their findings to Lord Neverember, Ambassador Brawnanvil and Laeral Silverhand.

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