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Tyranny of Dragons, Session #31: Fourth Time Unlucky

Here’s what happened in last night’s game - the PCs have now reached 11th level.

12th Hammer, 1491 DR (contd.)

Crake scouts ahead, sneaking up the passage to the cultists’ quarters. He spots two groups of dragonclaw cultists, each led by a dragonfang, in rooms to the left and right. The thief rejoins the others and Gwastdyn casts wall of fire to cut off one of the groups while the rest of the party attack the other group. Rosie casts hunger of Hadar while Turin and Crake attack in melee. Ug, meanwhile, prefers to cast her new sorcerer spells rather than attacking with her slash. The dragonfang leader of the second group comes through the wall of fire but this doesn’t stop the PCs making short work of the first group of cultists. When Gwastdyn dismisses the wall, they take out the other group in a similar efficient fashion.

After searching the bodies and both rooms, Crake scouts ahead again - one passage leads to a storeroom, the other leads to a cave furnished with rugs and tapestries. Ug leads the way into Neronvain’s chamber, triggering a glyph of warding that explodes, covering the party in acid. Deciding it’s time to be cautious, Gwastdyn warns everyone not to look at the mirror in the room until he’s had a chance to cast detect magic. Meanwhile, Crake disables the poison needle trap on the trunk and opens it - it’s full of loot stolen from the elves - and Rosie finds a secret door behind one of the tapestries.

Beyond is a secret chamber containing a shrine to Fenmarel Mestarine, the elven god of outcasts, scapegoats and solitude. The PCs find Neronvain’s journal which reveals he is the son of King Melandrach, and that the Green Dragon Mask is already at the Well of Dragons, ready to be assembled into the Mask of the Dragon Queen.

A second secret door leads into Chuth’s lair. Ug boots the door in and the PCs join battle with the green dragon and the Green Wyrmspeaker, Chuth and Neronvain.

The dragon’s frightful presence terrifies Turin, Gwastdyn and Crake but the bard is able to cast calm emotions to nullify the effects. Gwastdyn wildshapes into an air elemental and attacks Chuth, joined by Ug, Turin and Crake, while Rosie attacks Neronvain from the doorway with her agonising blasts. With most of the party protected from poison, they are able to damage the dragon without taking too many serious wounds. After Chuth’s attempts to tangle the party with grasping roots and vines, and trap them behind a wall of thorns prove ineffectual, Ug swings her slash, powers it with her divine smite, and inflicts a mighty critical hit on the dragon, doing 51 points of damage. Unfortunately, her follow up strike is feeble, allowing Chuth the opportunity to dive into the pool and escape.

Gwastdyn wildshapes again, this time into a water elemental, and sets off in pursuit, followed by Crake and then Ug who sinks like a stone to the bottom of the pool. Meanwhile, Rosie blocks Neronvian’s escape with mold earth and is joined by Turin who levitates over the wall of thorns. Chuth has made good his escape but the returning Gwastdyn grabs Neronvain, holding him fast while Turin, Crake and Rosie pound him until he falls unconscious. With the battle over, they throw a weighted rope down to Ug and haul her out of the pool.

After searching the lair for treasure, the PCs attempt to interrogate Neronvain but neither charm spells, persuasion or intimidation have any affect.

15th Hammer

The PCs meet Prince Alagarthas in the village of Altand and hand Neronvain over to him.
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