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City of Brass

I bought Necromancer Games' long-awaited City of Brass boxed set a couple of months ago and I've (almost) finished reading it. The box is jam-packed with three thick books and a map booklet and weighs a ton, so it's no wonder it's taken me this long to read enough to post about it.

I really want to use this product in one of my games: it brings the City of Brass to life and is packed with the kind of exotic locations an extraplanar metropolis should have. I want to send a band of unsuspecting PCs into the Minaret of Screams, the Pagoda of Devils, the Great Repository (a library where many forbidden aka Lovecraftian texts are stored) or to appear in the Cirque de Pain. The new monsters are really cool too, especially the burning devishes and the huge elephant-like beings that carry important visitors into the city from the Plane of Molten Skies. Since the city is chock-full of genies, there are obvious connections with my Lands of Intrigue campaign in which several jann and the legacy weapon, Desert Wind have already appeared, but who knows... There's also got to be a way of tying this setting in to the version of the City of Brass in the Al-Qadim sourcebox Secrets of the Lamp. Hmmmm......

Check out http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=50045 for more information.


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