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Red Hand of Doom Session #19 The Ghostlord

Here's what happened in last night's game. 8th level PCs get 1,500 xp each; 7th level PCs get 1,838 xp.

17th Flamerule (contd)
After Avatea has done cast restoration on Old George from a scroll (restoring his 6 lost points of Dexterity), the PCs explore the chamber to the east which contains a four foot diameter sphere of black stone floating above a small dais and surrounded with ghostly, orange lion-shapes. Ager fires a crossbow at one of the lion-shapes and then tries to push the sphere with his sword to no effect. When they return to the main chamber, the undead goblins have returned: Avatea turns two of them again while the others attack the remaining four. This time, they are dealt with fairly easily.

Opening the door to the west, the PCs find a treasury which someone appears to have smashed up, scattering loot everywhere. Gusty swallows a few gems while the others aren’t looking; Ager picks up an amulet, two scrolls, a wand and a kukri. He puts the amulet on (+4 amulet of health) and gives the arcane scrolls and the wand to Enzo.

Next, the party heads to the north where they find and open a secret door. Beyond is a room with a sick and unnatural looking tree in the corner. Beneath the tree are six small bodies wrapped in shrouds. As Avatea goes in to investigate a ghostly dire lion appears and attacks. Its corrupting gaze is fearsome, nearly killing Gusty, and its Strength draining touch weakens Ager. Avatea tries to cast dimension door but fails to cast defensively, meaning the PCs have to flee the old-fashioned way: by running for their lives with their eye shut to avoid the gaze attacks. The ghost lion pursues, attacking Avatea, but all of the party make it out of the stone lion’s maw alive. Avatea revives Gusty and the PCs rest for the night.

18th Flamerule
Avatea casts restoration on Ager. A heated and fairly lengthy debate ensues over what to do next which frustrates Gusty and Old George. No one wants to give the Ghostlord his phylactery back but there don’t seem to be many alternatives.

They head back inside, climbing back up into the mouth of the stone lion using the hobgoblin’s rope ladder. Return downstairs where Ager runs into the Ghostlord, a terrible figure with yellow, shrunken flesh and pale green flames where his eyes should be. The dragon shaman starts to negotiate, not helped by Enzo’s heckling from outside. When two ghost dire lions appear through the walls, Ager decides to accept the Ghostlord’s offer of withdrawing his support for the Red Hand in exchange for his phylactery. The phylactery is returned and then the PCs leave via dimension door before the lich can change his mind.

Outside, the PCs receive a message from Sellyria Starsinger. The leader of the Tiri Kitor elves is in Brindol where the Red Hand Horde grows near. As the party get ready to go, they hear a huge roar from the opening in the chest of the stone lion…..

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