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Tyranny of Dragons, Session 4: The Hungry Roper

Here's what happened in last night's session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Each PC gets 1,387 xp, enough to reach 4th level.

14th Mirtul, 1490 DR

The PCs are joined by Gwastdyn who has arrived from Greenest. Leaving Turin to keep watch over the raiders' camp from the tower, they head back inside the cave. No new guards await in the entrance so they return to Frulam Mondath's quarters. The Wearer of Purple has heard them coming and has her spirit guardians in place to protect her. But with no cultist allies this time, Mondath is easier to defeat and Rosie delivers the killing strike. Gwastdyn tidies up after the battle, putting the cultist's body in her bed. The dwarf druid doesn't like to leave a mess.

Rosie sneaks ahead, climbing down the shaft to the Dragon Shrine. When she's spotted by Cyanwrath, she calls for help and turns invisible. The other PCs climb down, which is just as well – the half-dragon's lightning breath drops the warlock as soon as she becomes visible. Crake kills one of the berserk cultists, as Ug seeks revenge on Cyanwrath for his defeat in Greenest. But it's Gwastdyn in bear form that takes Cyanwrath down, much to the paladin's disappointment. Crake opens the chest without triggering its trap and grabs the loot. More tidying up follows as the party haul the bodies up to Mondath's room.

The PCs enter the Dragon Hatchery. Ug is glued to the floor by kobold grenades and set on fire, but he is able to pull himself free. Still under fire, the PCs go down the stairs to the eggs but are attacked by a pair of drakes. At this point, they become aware of the roper in the corner who asks them if they are here with more meat. With the odds against them and Rosie unconscious yet again, Crake and Gwastdyn take inspiration from Turin's song that says "you've got to search for the hero inside yourself."  The battle turns in the PCs' favour – the drakes are killed, and the last surviving kobold surrenders.

hot drake on Crake action

Deyjen the kobold guides the party to the "meat locker" and Ug drags a dead bear back to feed to the roper. After munching it down, the weird creature crawls off in the direction of the meat storage, leaving the PCs free to explore the hatchery. Three black dragon eggs are found and smashed. Ug lets Deyjen go ("he's done his job").

The PCs explore the rest of the caverns. Ug manages to trigger two kobold traps - one in the Drake Nursery and one in the Kobold Barracks, collapsing part of the ceiling on top of Crake and Rosie. There are young drakes lurking in the nursery but they hide behind stalagmites when the PCs take potshots at them from above. The kobolds appear to have all fled from the roper.

Gwastdyn changes into a giant rat to scavenge through the waste pit, attracting the attention of four troglodytes who appear through fissures in the walls. With only 7 hp, he's back in his dwarf form as soon as he's hit by a javelin. The rest of the party cover his retreat, killing one of the trogs with ranged attacks. The other foul-smelling creatures slink away, and the PCs decide to do the same, heading back outside for a long rest.

Pic by @gogmagog
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