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Here's what happened in Sunday's game. Karim gets 3,117 xp; the others get 2,400 xp.

Events in Zaz This Week
I. The renegade mage Najib al-Mawli and his litorian companions, Chron and Malethar, have dealt with a ratman nest in the sewers beneath North Market, much to the joy of local traders.
II. A schism develops among followers of Helm over the slaughter of innocents in Maztica as The Vigilant Eyes of the God split off from the Companions of the True Vision.

4th Uktar
Karim purchases the incense he needs for the Rite of the Cloud from the Exotic Market.

5th Uktar
Wind walk to the Small Teeth and start heading up one of the higher peaks, using find the path to stay on course. Battle with a huge mountain troll and his two ‘skullcrusher’ ogre lackeys. Lyman uses prismatic ray to send one ogre to another plane as Alessandra attacks with flame strikes. Karim is flanked by the troll and the second ogre, relying on Alessandra to heal him as he suffers from the troll’s fearsome blows with its greatclub. Eventually Alessandra finishes off the troll with a searing light, leaving just the ogre to deal with.

At night, a big storm strikes the mountain as the PCs rest in their Leomund’s secure shelter. Thunder and lightning strikes wake up the party, just in time to see an alien-looking zeugalak climbing down to their cottage. Lyman cast wall of force to stop the aberration bashing down the door. After a while it gives up and moves away.

6th Uktar
Continue climbing up the moutain to the peak, cutting down branches from trees along the way to build a pyre at the top. Lyman, not that fit at the best of times, gets fatigued and has to be revitalized with lesser restorations.

At the summit, as Karim prepares to perform the ritual, a lesser air wyrm called Noroshi appears, demanding attention and flattery from the PCs. Alessandra does most of the talking, answering Noroshi’s riddles and telling her the story of Karim’s sword. Satisfied, Noroshi allows Karim to light the fire and burn the incense which attracts spirits of the air, arrowhawks and a bull of heaven. Once the incense burns out, the angry elemental bull attacks, striking the party with lightning bolts. They defeat the monster and return to Zazesspur. With the ritual complete, Desert Wind is now a +2 flaming scimitar.

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