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The Final Adventures of the Juma Associates, Session #59: Messing About on the River

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Each PC gets enough xp to reach 18th level.

17th November

After a good night's sleep for everyone except Hrothgar (whose chicken sacrifice does not appear to have done any good), the Juma Associates board Prandesh's kettuvallam bound for the village of Madhwa upriver.

The first day passes uneventfully but Hrothgar is not impressed with the vegetable and fish curries at mealtimes. Ulthar tries to get Pradnesh to tell him what the strange crocodile shrines are along the river without success but Jenma has more luck with Jayanti, his wife, learning that they are there to protect the villages from the evil jungle goddess Magar-Mach.

18th November

The PCs' kettuvallam comes under attack from a boatload of Magar-Mach cultists led by a whip-wielding priestess who shapeshifts into a giant humanoid crocodile when Hrothgar leaps over to attack her. Juma finds himself surrounded by cultists and is shoved overboard twice into the mouths of the waiting crocodiles in the river. Ulthar heals the bloodied genasi and also jumps over, attacking one of the cult enforcers and the priestess. Meanwhile Gil and Jenma are casting spells from their boat. Hrothgar does an impressive 129 hp damage to the priestess in one round but it's Ulthar who delivers the killing blow, much to the gnoll's disappointment. Gil and Jenma join their companions on the enemy vessel, arriving just in time to be set on fire by Juma's seed of war spell which doesn't quite work as he intended it to. Jenma pushes a cultist overboard to be torn apart by the crocodiles, then Hrothgar slays the last one standing.

The PCs search the cultists' boat, finding a chest of Parsantine gold coins; Ulthar dons the priestess' ostentatious headdress of swift punishment. With no one alive to interrogate, Gil casts speak with dead on a cultist, learning that a well-dressed Parsantine with a beard hired them to attack the party.

Hrothgar sets fire to the cultists' boat, dedicating the pyre to Mormekar in the hopes the offering will be enough to stop his nightmares. It isn't.

19th November

The PCs harvest blue lotus flowers growing in a ruined temple by the side of the river. Dried and crushed to dust, the flowers can be used to extend the range and duration of arcane spells (+5 squares or no action to sustain).

Later, the boat passes a tributary where the vegetation is diseased and dying. Pradnesh tells them a terrible beast known as the catoblepas lives there. Because the monster has a connection to Mormekar, Hrothgar is determined to visit its lair when the PCs return this way after recovering the Arrows of Hanuman to see if he can win the god's forgiveness by killing (or even talking to) the creature.

Later that day the boat arrives in the jungle village of Madhwa. After getting rooms at the Nutmeg Inn, the PCs do some last minute shopping for supplies and hire a vanara guide named Balachandra to take them to Kishkindha.

20th November

The Juma Associates head into the Vyaharaja Jungle with Balachandra leading the way. Travelling through the jungle is hot, sticky and unpleasant and several PCs suffer because of the heat. Hrothgar, Gil and Jenma also catch jungle fever, although the gnoll manages to shake it off with help from Ulthar that night when the PCs camp. Unfortunately for Gil and Jenma, their fever gets worse (progressing to stage 2). Balachandra suggests the party keep an eye out for yellow jungle flowers which can help cure the disease.

21st November

As the PCs continue towards Kishkindha, they are ambushed by a jungle girallon alpha who lays into Ulthar with his mighty fists, bloodying the warlord. Although Gil's summoned stormstone fury doesn't do much damage, the rest of the Juma Associates' response is swift and terrible - Ulthar's warmaster's assault gives everyone an attack. Jenma criticals, then finishes the four-armed ape off with her dragon breath.

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