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The Final Adventures of the Juma Associates, Session #58: When Rakshasas Attack

Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 5,000 xp.

14th November

The PC spend the day shopping in the markets of the Mercantile Quarter: Gil buys a skeleton key, Hrothgar buys boots of levitation, Jenma buys a helm of languages, Juma buys a mask of the impish grin and Ulthar buys a pair of quickling boots. Juma asks around about how he might learn the recipe of Parsantine Fire to repay his debt to Sheikh Babak al-Hasid but none of the stallholders are much help.

15th November

Gil, Jenma and Ulthar head to the Library of All-Knowledge to research the information found in Vishaka’s journal. Meanwhile, Hrothgar and Juma go to their old stomping ground of Flotsam to try and find out where Avishandu is based.

At the library, the PCs pay their 20 gp research fee and are shown to a room on the third floor by one of the grey-robed priests. Their study is interrupted by the return of the priest who had been assisting them, accompanied by another priest and a pair of burly minotaur librarians. They enter the room, closing the door behind them, and attack the party. As Ulthar moves in to confront the minotaurs, the first priest grabs Vishaka’s journal and moves back to the entrance, while the other one attacks the PCs with misleading visions, sliding them away. To make things worse a rakshasa appears to join the assailants! Jenma and Gil launch spells at the rakshasa, minotaurs and priests, but only succeed in dispelling illusionary duplicates of their attackers. The priest over by the doorway responds with visions of terror in the form of a swarm of burning monkeys!

Down at the docks, after a conversation with Glyn Merryfield (the Juma Gang’s old landlord) at the Fat Grouper, Hrothgar and Juma head to the Floating Palace to see if any of the newly reformed Golden Scimitars know Avishandu’s location. En route, they run into three men with Golden Scimitars tattoos but these thugs aren’t what they first seem. One fires a deadly necrotic bolt from his crossbow at Hrothgar as the other two advance to attack the gnoll with their longswords. Juma does his best to defend his friend but Hrothgar is soon down to 10 hp. He starts raging and uses his seed of war to summon a metal soldier to help. As with the attackers in the library, the PCs find themselves striking illusions, rather than warm bodies.

Back in the library, it looks like the priest with the journal has somehow escaped, but the two invisible minotaurs reappear to attack Ulthar. The warlord’s tempest of triumph takes down one minotaur – who turns into a tiger-headed rakshasa on dying. This allows Jenma to make a basic attack which kills the second minotaur and in turn, Gil can launch a magic missile at the remaining priest. With all three attackers dead and revealed to be rakshasas, the PCs search the bodies for Vishaka’s journal without success, before the corpses turn into puddles of foul-smelling goo.

In the Dock Ward, the tide turns: Juma scores a critical hit on one thug, then teleports to hit another, allowing Hrothgar to take down the first one – again, the assailant turns into a rakshasa on dying. Then, the bloodied gnoll and the genasi finish off the other two. Hrothgar is still raging, though, and has to restrain himself from striking Juma with his axe once all three rakshasas are dead.

The PCs in the library are startled by the arrival of a naga with the face of a beautiful dark-skinned woman. She doesn’t attack but is babbling to herself in Primordial which Jenma can understand, thanks to her new magic helm.  The naga, Vashnawi, explains that the PCs have appeared to her in troubling dreams involving the Rajah and invites them to her tower in the Scholasticia that evening so she can find out more about them. Soon afterwards, Zenodotus the Custodian arrives, utterly discombobulated by the kerfuffle in his library. Ulthar reassures him no books have been harmed and the PCs agree to speak with the Watch who are on their way. Once they’ve done this, they are able to complete their research, learning much useful information about Samael, Srivatsa’s Bow and the Arrows of Hanuman.

Meanwhile, Hrothgar and Juma visit the Floating Palace and interrogate a couple of Golden Scimitars who don’t appear to know Avishandu’s whereabouts. After hamstringing them, Hrothgar throws them overboard. Juma buys some pesh from a dealer and takes it.

Reunited later that evening, the PCs head back to the university district and climb the steps to the top of Vashnawi’s tower. Here the naga asks them about their adventures, focusing on their role in inadvertently freeing the cursed rakshasas who had been transformed into cows to make sure they are enemies of the Rajah, rather than his allies. When the PCs explain what they have learned from Vishaka’s journal, she starts babbling in tongues again and says that the rakshasas and yakfolk must be plotting to free the Rajah using Srivatsa’s Bow and the Arrows of Hanuman. If the arrows are cursed in a special ritual in the Vale of Descending Stars then fired into the ice trapping Vrishabha, the Rajah will be free. Vashnawi asks the PCs to go after the bow and the arrows so they can be destroyed – the bow can be found in the City of Brass, and the arrows are in the vanaran city of Kishkindha in the jungles of Sampur. The suspicious Hrothgar asks why the party should trust the naga and bring the items back to her. Vashnawi explains that she can open a portal to both locations from the teleportation circle in her tower which the PCs can return to with the ritual scrolls she gives them. Then, they can travel to the Vale of Descending Stars with her to destroy the artefacts. The PCs decide to head for the jungles first and go back to their apartment to rest.

That night, Hrothgar is troubled by a new dream; he is back in a yurt on the Great Grass Sea at a gathering of the gnoll tribes when he sees red and a terrible fight breaks out. He wakes up screaming in a cold sweat.

16th November

The PCs return to Vashnawi’s tower and use her teleportation circle to travel to the Sampuran port city of Surivata, gateway to the jungle. Here, they hire a river trader named Pradnesh to take them in his boat to the village of Madhwa. From there, they will be able to hire a guide to take them to Kishkindha. Pradnesh isn’t leaving until the following morning so the PCs rent expensive rooms at the Jasmine Dream inn and head off to explore the floating bazaar, buying jungle gear including insect repellant, mosquito nets, and oil to keep their armour for rusting, as well as a telescope for Gil and caged parrots for Gil and Jenma (one red, one blue). They are tempted by a bargain-priced elephant too but manage to restrain themselves. While floating through the market, Gil notices a small shrine with an idol depicting a crocodile-headed woman. When he asks about it back at the Jasmine Dream, he is rebuffed and told not to speak of such things again.

That night, before going to bed, Hrothgar steals and sacrifices a chicken to his patron god, Mormekar the Grim Wanderer, in the hopes that his troubling dreams will end.
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