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Parsantium's Icons No.2 Grand Master of the Blue Lotus

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Here's the second icon write-up for Parsantium. Click here for the first one, the Basileus. More to come...


The Grand Master of the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus is the head of the world’s foremost arcanists’ guild – an order whose foundation dates back to the conquest of Parsantium by Corandias the Magnificent.

“May I remind you, Sabir, that the purpose of the Order is to advance magical knowledge, and not to use magic for political power over the people of this city.”

In the Marjani Minar, headquarters of the Esoteric Order in Parsantium’s Artisans Ward.

The Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus is ruled by a council of four arcanists, each representing a different magical tradition. This is a lifetime role; on the death of a master, the other three will meet to choose his or her successor. Each master serves as Grand Master for two years in rotation.

The current Grand Master and Master of Southern Magic is the vanara Tapasranjan, a superlative practitioner of magic of the mind. Tapasranjan is just over five feet tall and his monkey-like body is covered in snow white fur; he rarely sits on his Master’s chair, preferring to float in the air in the lotus position instead. The Grand Master is extremely intelligent, honest, and very direct, cutting straight to the heart of any argument. He hates bullying and oppression and has recently spoken out about the prejudice faced by the citizens of the Old Quarter and the worsening division between the two halves of the city.


The Esoteric Order is interested in acquiring spells, tomes and magical items especially those found in the buried remains of Dhak Janjua beneath Parsantium’s streets, or further afield in the desert ruins of Khemit to the south. Occasionally, those affiliated with the Order may be called upon to assist the City Watch in dealing with a dangerous magical threat. High level arcanists may find themselves summoned to the Marjani Minar and entrusted with the recovery of an unusual artefact or with sealing shut a portal leading to a perilous planar location.

The Grand Master meets irregularly with the Dragon to discuss potential magical dangers threatening the city. The Maharani of his homeland appreciates Tapasranjan standing up for the interests of Sampurans living in Parsantium and is in frequent magical contact. From time to time, the Grand Master will travel to the lands of Faerie to meet with the Lady of the Summer Kingdom.

The Mummy loathes the Esoteric Order for plundering magic from the tombs and pyramids of Khemit. Tapasranjan is all too aware of the Rajah’s desire to return and watches carefully for signs of rakshasa activity in the city.

The Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus was founded over 850 years ago by Marcus Servius, vizier to Corandias the Magnificent, who was intrigued by the exotic Sampuran and Aqhrani magics used in battle against the Bathuran army by Parsantine sorcerers and wizards. Servius, a capable wizard, set up the Order so that magic could be studied across cultural boundaries. Since then, the Order has spread throughout the world and there are smaller branches in other major cities. Tapasranjan has served as the Grand Master for one year; he has another year to go before he hands over the title to Sabir al-Falasifa, the temperamental Master of Western Magic.

Everything will be alright while Tapasranjan remains as Grand Master.

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