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Ready for What's Next

Like everyone else, I'm really excited about the new D&D books now that we have a release schedule and have seen the very cool cover art. I'm even more excited as we bought our GenCon event tickets on Sunday and are going to be playing in a couple of D&D Next games in August. After over two years of playtesting various iterations, some good and some less so, I'm looking forward to playing the finished game.

Player's Handbook    Monster Manual

Although some folk aren't keen on the staggered release dates, I'm actually rather pleased by this. During the 2e to 3e transition (when the new books were also published a month or so apart) it felt like there was enough time to properly read and digest all the new rules before starting a game, and not having everything until November will give me some much needed time to finish up my long-running 4e Parsantium campaign and make sure it ends with a bang! I'm still undecided whether to run my new Parsantium campaign under D&D or 13th Age either, so having more time will help us make the right choice for our group.

With the new edition of D&D on the horizon, I'm convinced I did the right thing in keeping Parsantium almost stat-free so it can be readily used with any edition or variant of D&D, whether that's 5e, Pathfinder, 13th Age or Adventurer Conqueror King. We don't know yet if there will be any kind of 3rd party licence arrangement or SRD for Next, but I hope there will be something that gives me the option of writing adventures and other Parsantium supplements compatible with the new edition. In the meantime, I'm going to continue writing up 13th Age icons for the setting, then my plan is to write an adventure or two, perhaps following the model WotC used for Murder in Baldur's Gate and Legacy of the Crystal Shard and providing stats for Pathfinder and 13th Age, plus D&D, licence permitting. I'm not sure yet but the next few months are going to be interesting...

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