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13th Age Golden Scimitars, Part 2: The Enforcers

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Here are some more Golden Scimitars from my 13th Age adventure at #UKT5. These gang members extort protection payments from local coffee houses, shops and taverns in the Artisans Ward, and providing muscle to the Most Excellent Order of Stonemasons against their rivals, the Guild of Potters and Tilemakers, in the ward’s regular inter-guild punch-ups.

Ashraf leads a gang of racketeers for the Golden Scimitars, demanding money with menaces and gleefully smashing up the premises of anyone unwilling to pay. A sneering, bearded Aqhrani with a nasty scar running down one cheek, he dresses in a grey djellaba and dark blue keffiyeh with a longsword swinging at his hip. Despite his apparent bravado, Ashraf is a coward at heart who lives in fear of his boss, Vadim –  the man who gave him his scar for failing to meet his monthly targets.

Ashraf, Golden Scimitars Leader
Level 4 leader [humanoid]
Initiative +5
AC 20, PD 18, MD 14
HP 54

Longsword +9 v AC, 14 damage

Strike On My Order: once per battle as a standard action, the leader can command up to 3 nearby allies to make a melee attack as a free action

Protected: The leader gains a +1 bonus to all defences when he has at least two allies nearby.

Ashraf is backed up by a number of unsavoury characters:

Rafat is a dangerous-looking Sampuran woman with dark brown skin and long, black hair; she wears a pair of large gold hoop earrings, a short, midnight blue sari and leggings, and a bandolier of knives. She fights fast and furious, with a wicked grin on her face.

Rafat, Knife Dancer
Level 3 troop [humanoid]
Initiative +8
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13
HP 45

Dance of the Blade +8 vs. AC, 10 damage
Natural even hit or miss: Rafat makes a second knife attack as a quick action and can pop free after she attacks

C: Spray of Daggers, +8 vs AC, 1d3 nearby enemies in a group, 10 damage

Cyrus is a brown-skinned Sampuran halfling who acts as a look out and scout for the group. He wears black leather armour and has his short-cropped hair. Cyrus’ motto is “he who runs away, lives” and he is likely to fade into the shadows or shin up a drainpipe if anyone comes for him in combat.

Cyrus, Halfing Rogue
Level 4 archer [humanoid]
Initiative +9
AC 20 (22 vs opportunity attacks), PD 18, MD 15
HP 50

Short Sword +8 vs. AC, 14 damage

Crossbow +10 vs AC, 14 damage
Natural 16+: The target also takes 1d8 ongoing poison damage

Evasive: Once per battle, Cyrus can force an enemy that hits him to reroll the attack at -2

As well as the named NPCs above, here are some rank and file thugs to round out the gang:

Gnoll Sellsword
Level 3 troop [humanoid]
Initiative +7
AC 19, PD 16, MD 13
HP 42

Greatsword +7 vs AC, 10 damage
Pack ferocity: If more than one gnoll is engaged with the target, each gnoll melee attack that misses that target deals half damage.
Blood fury: +1d10 melee damage if the gnoll or its target is staggered

R: Hand axe +6 vs AC, 8 damage

Golden Scimitars Thug
Level 3 troop [humanoid]
Initiative +3
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13
HP 45

Heavy Mace +8 vs. AC, 9 damage
Natural even hit: The enemy is dazed (-4 attacks) until the end of the thug’s next turn

Golden Scimitars Lackey
Level 3 mook
Initiative +5
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13
HP 11

Club +8, 6 damage

Safety in Numbers: a lackey gains a +1 bonus to all defenses while at least half the lackeys in the mob remain standing

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