Richard Green (richgreen01) wrote,
Richard Green

Recent Reviews

After spending so long writing and then publishing Parsantium, it's great to get feedback! The book has had a couple of new reviews recently:

Neuroglyph writes on ENWorld: “Parsantium - City at the Crossroads provides a lot of new and unique content in a quasi-historical fantasy setting - which is likely to remind more experienced gamers of the Man Myth and Magic RPG. It has a lot of detail and content, and a very reasonable price, so might just be a perfect product to use to get out of the typical high-fantasy Tolkien-minded mode so many D&D-esque world settings represent.”

Read the full review: Fantasy Adventures with Byzantine Flair

Joe Kushner writes on Appendix N: “In terms of playability, for Game Master's willing to roll up their sleeves, the book has you covered.”

Read Joe's full review here.

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