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Latest News on Parsantium

Crossposted from http://parsantium.wordpress.com/blog/

I’ve been a bit quiet since #UKT5 but have a few things to update you all on.

Firstly, I’m very excited to report that Parsantium is on sale at my favourite games shop, London’s Orc’s Nest. I’ve been shopping there since it opened way back in 1987 and am very pleased that they are stocking the book! Also, the print edition and print/PDF bundles are now in stock at paizo.com which is great news.

Wade Rockett has posted an excellent article on creating icons for 13th Age for other campaign settings on the Pelgrane Press site. Wade wrote the icons for Kobold Press’ Midgard campaign setting and was kind enough to give me some valuable tips when I asked him how I should approach coming up with icons for Parsantium. I need to do some work on turning the brief icon notes I wrote for Dragonmeet and #UKT5 into proper write-ups but I will definitely be referring to his article when I do so. I’ll also be posting some of the 13th Age NPCs I wrote for #UKT5 on here soon as promised.

Recently, most of my writing time has been taken up with working on the final adventure for my 4e Parsantium campaign – first session this Saturday. This high level adventure is going to take the Juma Gang to the jungles of Sampur (and beyond) to frustrate an evil plot to free the imprisoned rakshasa rajah, Vrishabha. As always, I’ll be posting write-ups of the game here on At the Sign of the Green Man. The plan is to end the campaign with a bang this year and start a new Parsantium game with either 13th Age or D&D Next. I’ll hopefully be able to share some interesting bits about the Kingdoms of Sampur here too.

Talking of blogs, Kobold Press art director and Parsantium artist  Marc Radle – he drew the awesome NPC illustrations in the book – has got a new blog at dungeonmastering.com where he will be writing about some of the art he’s done. It looks really interesting and Marc is offering a lucky reader a piece of original art for the coolest comment!

That’s about it for now. I’d love to hear what you think of Parsantium and about any games you are running in the city ;)

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