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13th Age Vanara

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I've been building pregen PCs for my 13th Age game at #UKT5 and wanted the wizard to be a vanara. Since there isn't a vanara PC race in the 13th Age rules, here's my take. Comments welcome!


+2 Dex OR +2 Wis

Once per battle, you can pop free from an enemy as a free action during your turn.
Champion Feat: You can pop free even if you are grabbed or stuck.

Vanara, a race of furred, simian humanoids from the jungles of Sampur, can be found living alongside their human counterparts in parts of Parsantium's Old Quarter. Bold and curious, they are kind-hearted but have a tendency to poke their noses into matters that don’t concern them and to play harmless but irritating pranks on others, which they think are hilarious. Vanara have prehensile tails which they can use to pick up and carry objects, although these tails are not strong enough to wield weapons. Most vanara worship Hanuman the Monkey God.

The Archmage, Tapasranjan, current Grand Master of the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus, is the most famous vanara living in the city, and the icon with whom most vanara have the strongest connection. Those with an affinity for their jungle homeland likely have a relationship with the Maharani.


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