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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 5,000 xp, enough to take to 17th level.

The Juma Associates continue to explore the dungeon, looting the living quarters of the kundali, and discovering round secret doors in the walls that lead to small tunnels linking the chambers. Wondering if the oils they have found might benefit dragonborn if burned, Jenma tests one of them and inhales its smoke, but chokes and takes damage. In the egg chamber, the PCs slay three twisted broodguards and then smash all the eggs. Hrothgar eats one but it's not that tasty.

Heading further into the temple complex, the PCs approach a large chamber with a cobra statue of black stone standing in the centre of a pool. The snake statue seems to sway and Hrothgar is hypnotised into attacking Juma. Gil casts ice storm in an attempt to neutralise the trap but only succeeds in partly freezing the pool. Then, Juma is hypnotised and strikes back at the gnoll. Jenma makes her way across the ice and disables the cobra trap, as Ulthar and Hrothgar advance into the room. The warlord peers around the corner and sees a medusa coming with two tainted ones. The medusa turns her gaze on the PCs and Hrothgar can feel his legs start to calcify. As more broodguards and tainted ones arrive on the scene, Ulthar is bloodied by someone not on his own side for a change. Jenma kills the medusa and the other PCs finish off her guards.


Fearing for the fate of the missing girls, there is only time for a short rest and the PCs must press on. After checking doors leading to the transformation chamber and the storeroom, Hrothgar tries to open the double doors to the Temple proper stealthily. Unfortunately the party are noticed by the great chamber's many occupants and don’t get surprise. Hrothgar charges the kundali abomination as the cobra-headed melshanti (high priestess) Vishaka and her hooded assistant slay the first sacrifice, throwing her headless body into the chasm below. Juma teleports across and attacks Vishaka, scoring a critical hit.

Back on the near side of the chasm, Ulthar and Hrothgar find themselves surrounded by kundali warriors; Gil moves in and casts fire shroud, taking out several of them as the Urskovian slays the abomination. Jagadamba turns her evil eye on Juma, sliding him towards the chasm but the genasi manages to catch himself before he topples in. Unluckily, he then falls under Vishaka's domination and obeys her command to throw himself in. To make matters even worse, a hungry purple worm is waiting below! Juma manages to scramble up to a ledge but it's not out of the huge monster's reach and he is swallowed whole. Fortunately, the swordmage is able to haul himself out of the worm's maw and the bloodied and ungrateful (!) Juma is pulled to safety by Jenma. Angry at being covered in goo, he attacks the hooded priestess who has now transformed herself into a giant snake – Juma scores a critical hit and her head flies off, landing in the jar of ravenous worms used for cleaning skulls.


Vishaka is dead but Jagadamba and the other priestess, Saaless, are still at large, and the witch's evil eye sends Hrothgar into the pit (and the purple worm's stomach!) next. Ulthar and Gil finally get rid of the remaining warriors and move towards the chasm to help: the warlord heals the gnoll and Gil hauls him out of the chasm to safety. Juma kills Saaless but Ulthar, too, succumbs to the Witch of Flotsam's evil eye and is the third PC to tumble into the rift to be devoured by the purple worm. As the warlord pulls himself free of its mouth, Hrothgar bull rushes Jagadamba into the chasm where she too is swallowed. Ulthar is pulled to safety and the Juma Associates breathe a sigh of relief when the witch does not reappear from the worm's stomach. The epic battle finally over, the PCs loot the bodies and see to the surviving six girls. Ulthar realises that the hooded priestess beheaded by Juma is Ciceria, the mother of the Despoina, Thecia....

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