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Here's what happened in Monday night's game.
Session xp: 1,200xp for Enzo, 1,400xp for Avatea & 1,800xp for Old George.

16th Flamerule
After sensibly resting for the night to recover spells and health, Avatea, Enzo, Old George and Gusty arrived at the Ghostlord’s lair which resembles a huge stone lion. There are two entrances: stairs leadinginto the lion’s chest and it’s gaping maw. Plumping for the latter, the PCs use fly spells and potions to get up there, defeating three hobgoblin monks guarding the room beyond the doors at the back of the lion’s mouth. Old George tries to interrogate the one he’s knocked unconscious but the fanatic refuses to reveal any useful information and Avatea bashes his skull in. Heading downstairs into a room full of fog, the PCs are attacked by summoned hell hounds and a fiendish dire rat. Once the fog cloud is dispelled, the party can see their opponents: three more monks, two clerics and an almost-attractive red-haired hobgoblin who sings martial-sounding opera and throws thunderbolts. The PCs are forced to escape with a dimension door when the redhead drops Enzo.

17th Flamerule
The PCs return to the Ghostlord’s lair, enter the mouth again and fight three more monks. Enzo fumbles his orb of acid in the battle but the party wins the day.

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