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Reavers of Harkenwold Session #2: Toadwallow Caverns

Here’s what happened in last night’s game in which we continued (after a long gap)with Reavers of Harkenwold from the D&D Essentials Dungeon Master’s Kit. Each PC gets 300 xp.

Day 5 (contd.)

The PCs continue to explore Toadwallow Caverns. Beyond the entrance is a damp cave dominated by a giant dragon’s skull which appears to have another bullywug hiding inside it. As the party advance into the cavern, the bullywug inside the skull gives out a loud croak and five other frog men appear from hiding to attack the party. Nobby casts the first of many dimensional scrambles, killing two croakers, and Zelda leaps on to the skull and stabs the chieftain inside. Minron charges into the fray, hot on her heels. The chieftain blasts both fighters with crackling electricity as his minions attack the minotaur and Lilith’s spirit bear. Meanwhile Amina lets loose at the chief with an eldritch blast but her spell goes wide. With the PCs’ attention focused on the bullywugs, Kinmel and Amina find themselves under attack from two gray oozes that have slithered out of the pit in the corner of the cave. Nobby uses dimensional scramble again to teleport Chief Gloorpk out of the dragon skull and into the open. With all of his croakers dead, he surrenders, promising to tell the PCs where his hidden treasure is. The gray oozes are still attacking though, and strike both Amina and Nobby, melting their bones. Fortunately, Kinmel is on hand to kill first one amorphous blob, then a second one with his deadly sneak attacks. With the battle over, Gloorpk shows the party the chest he has hidden until a heap of skulls: this contains magic leather armour and a magic battle axe as well as a sapphire gem and some gold coins. Lilith heals the PCs as they discuss what to do with the bullywug, eventually deciding to take him along with them.

As the PCs go to leave the caverns, they hear another croak from outside. A hunting party led by Uggloor, bullywug champion, have returned to the caves, bringing a halfling child they’ve captured with them. Before the PCs can react, Gloorpk casts electric reflux on the party, dazing Minron and Zelda, and Uggloor leaps up on to the ledge to attack. Nobby decides he’s better off at the back of the group and hides among the mushrooms as Minron is grabbed by a giant frog’s sticky tongue and swallowed whole! Zelda tries to keep her balance at the top of the waterfall as she and the rest of the party battle the bullywugs and the other frog, while the first one starts hopping away with Minron still trapped inside its gullet. Kinmel gives pursuit but luckily the minotaur is able to hack his own way out as the other PCs finish off the remaining bullywugs and the second frog. With his captors defeated, the halfling boy, Heron, appears from hiding and asks the party to take him home to his family boat along the White River. Here, the PCs are thanked by the Reedfoot clan and given hot buttered crumpets and warm beds for the night.

Just before Minron was swallowed

Day 6

The party return to Tor’s Hold and tell Bran Torsson they have dealt with the croakers. Bran promises to gather the men of Tor’s Hold and lead them to Aldbridge in a few days time, standing firm when the PCs try and intimidate him into leaving immediately. Not wanting to hang round, the PCs decide to head to the nearby thorp of Marl and return to Tor’s Hold in a day or two.
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