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Now in Layout!

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This weekend, we imported the first chapter of Parsantium: City at the Crossroads into InDesign and started work on the layout. Firstly, we got rid of the border we had scanned from Dover's Authentic Turkish Designs – it just didn't look good enough – and bought a new decorative font to use instead. This looks much better and gives us some nice little graphics we can use to break up the text if we need them. We're using one of these next to the page numbers on each page and it works very well. Next, Kate created the five levels of headings we are using throughout the text to indicate new chapters, sections, subsections etc.

We've now have the first chapter laid out without illustrations and it's very cool to see a load of Word documents start to look like a real book! There's still some more tinkering to do with spacing and the illustrations need to be added, but once that's done I'll post a sample double page spread here.

Nearly all the art is in too – just one illustration and the map to come.

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