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Latest News on Parsantium: City at the Crossroads

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After a lovely week in Kalkan, Turkey to recharge our batteries in the sunshine, we are back in Blighty and working hard on Parsantium: City at the Crossroads again. We’ve got the week off from our day jobs this week so the plan is to get as much as possible done and hopefully finish the first edit. While we were in Turkey we visited the fascinating Greco-Roman ruins at Xanthos – see below for a picture of its Roman amphitheatre, not dissimilar to Parsantium’s Theatre of Cytherea!

Kate finished her first edit of the huge Gazetteer chapter today, leaving “just” the Organizations and Religion chapters to do. I have completed my revisions to the Imperial and Mercantile Quarters and will work on the Old Quarter and Hidden Quarter tomorrow to finish off the Gazetteer. Once the first edit is done, we’ll be putting the text into InDesign and working on the layout. Six out of eight pieces of art are in from Matt Morrow already, with six to come shortly from Marc Radle, along with the city map by Jonathan Roberts. There’s a lot to do but we are going to do our best to hit our planned November release date.

The other exciting news is that hopefully there will an opportunity for some of you in the UK to play in a Parsantium game at Dragonmeet on 7th December. The schedule is still to be confirmed but I am planning to run a Pathfinder game in the morning while Steve Dempsey will run the same adventure under the excellent 13th Age system in the afternoon. More information as soon as things are firmed up.

Roman Amphitheatre at Xanthos

Photo by Richard Green
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