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Red Hand of Doom Session #16

Here's the belated update on Tuesday night's game. You can also read up on the history of the bulette here

Ager & Old George get 2,250xp each, Avatea gets 1,882xp and Enzo gets 1,500xp.

10th Flamerule (contd)
The party’s invisible quarry jumps off the horse and heads into the trees. The party spend some time hunting around looking for her, while Ager reassures the priests of Lathander inside the farmhouse that there’s nothing to be alarmed about. Enzo who has taken to the air with a fly spell spots a giant spider and casts snowball swarm at it but the party is forced to give up its search soon afterwards.

11th Flamerule
Gusty has another look for tracks, without success. The party say farewell to the clerics and their wounded charges and head off towards the Thornwaste and the Ghostlord.

12th Flamerule
At the end of the day, the PCs find another abandoned farmhouse to spend the night in. Unfortunately, their rest is disturbed by a pack of barghests and a squad of hobgoblins who attack the farmhouse at night. Ager is able to use his breath weapon to good effect and he and the other PCs defeat their assailants without too much trouble.

15th Flamerule
Reach the hot, dusty and barren Thornwaste. As the party ride along an overgrown trail, brushing their way past brambles and thistles, a bulette bursts from the ground in front of them, launching itself on Ager. Its devastating leap attack knocks him unconscious, Avatea heals him and then the land-shark knocks him down again! Luckily the rest of the party is able to kill the monster before it can finish the hapless dragon shaman off.
It’s late afternoon as the party nears the Ghostlord’s lair…..

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