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Red Hand of Doom Session #15

Here's what happened in Monday night's game. Only three players, but we had fun nonetheless.
Enzo earned 800 xp, George & Ager 1,200 xp each.

8th Flamerule
After a much needed rest, the PCs head to the Tiri Kitor town of Starsong Hill and meet with Sellyria Starsinger (below right) and Trellara Nightshadow (left). Sellyria agrees to send help to Brindol and tells the true story of the Ghostlord: as a mortal, he was Urikel Zarl and was the leader of a cruel cannibalistic lion cult rather than a noble druid. Trellara identifies magic items for the party.

9th Flamerule
The Tiri Kitor give the PCs a lift to Witchcross on their giant owls before they head off to Brindol. Talk to Adranna the Young, Eth Speaker (leader of the druidic circle) about the Ghostlord. Buy more horses.
At the inn, Gusty does tricks for the other guests, earning 9sp, and befriending a mysterious stranger. This is Ager, dragon shaman of the Wyvernwatch Mountains and “seeker of power” (or “weird coloured person” as Gusty describes him to Enzo). “Would I be right in thinking you’re of the silver persuasion?” asks Enzo. Ager explains he has been looking for the party as he knows they are working to stop the nefarious hobgoblins and their draconic allies.

10th Flamerule
Set off for Talar, arriving in the late afternoon, in time to foil thugs belonging to the Crimson Tigers gang who are looting an abandoned pub. Afterwards, the PCs talk to a pair of clerics of Lathander who are evacuating a hospice, helping the infirm on to wagons that will take them to Brindol. One flame-haired woman with a supposedly broken arm raises the party’s suspicions and they decide to follow the wagons out of town. As the clerics and their charges settle in for the night, the PCs stake out the old farmhouse they’ve taken refuge in. When a horse appears from nowhere and starts heading down the road back towards Talar the PCs intervene. Enzo stuns the horse with colour spray and George attacks its invisible rider.

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