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Here’s what happened in last night’s game. After 14 episodes, the King of the Trollhaunt Warrens was defeated once and for all, and a PC died (poor old Gil) for the first time in 50 sessions. Each PC gets 3,000 xp.

3rd Sextilis (contd).

The PCs explore the cavern to the north of the displacer beast’s chamber, finding a pool fuelled by a bubbling spring. Juma jumps in for a swim – the water is very pure and the party realise that any healing is amplified in this room. Having already rested, they head back in the other direction, entering the great cavern of the Stone Cauldron. King Vard appears from the Cauldron, having possessed the body of Skalmad.

Sora casts wrath of the gods, then Hrothgar charges the great troll but is pushed back by the power of the cauldron. The other PCs advance with Gil casting incendiary detonation to keep Vard from regenerating. At the end of the first round, a ghost troll appears from the Cauldron, followed by three more on the following rounds – Gil casts another fire spell to create a zone which keeps them corporeal. Vard strikes Hrothgar several times with his vicious claws, bloodying him. Sora uses her knightly intercession to step in and take the final hit, then bloodies the troll king. A ghost troll devourer pins down Juma with his entrapping jaws, and Hrothgar and Sora are both knocked prone by Vard. Ulthar uses stand the fallen to damage Vard and heal his companions – sadly, the power doesn’t stand them up again too. Then, Hrothgar hits Vard and the troll king falls but his body changes into dark fog which flies back into the Cauldron.

Ulthar slays the first ghost troll and Gil blasts the Cauldron with a spell, trying to destroy it, but his magic does nothing. Sure enough, Vard reappears, this time without Moran’s Eye. He’s standing right in front of the bloodied wizard who has moved away from the other PCs to get close to the Cauldron. Vard strikes Gil twice, killing him!

The Stone Cauldron

With several other PCs badly wounded, things seem to be going downhill, fast. Juma, Ulthar and Hrothgar take the Troll King down again, and for a second time his body vanishes, dark fog heading into the Cauldron. Before Vard fell, the warlord noticed him starting to move in the direction of the cave entrance. Wondering why, he and Hrothgar head that way, looking around for some kind of clue while Sora and Juma finish off the ghost trolls.

The gnoll spots an orange glow coming from the southeast corner of the cave – it’s Moran’s Eye. Ulthar tries to smash it with his greataxe but it doesn’t break. Meanwhile Vard has reappeared, but Juma uses his vagabond’s dice to knock him over. Hrothgar grabs the Eye and comes racing back to the Cauldron. Vard takes a wild swing at the barbarian as he drops the Eye in. Vard shrieks in pain as the light in the Cauldron goes out, its power destroyed! Hrothgar turns and delivers the killing blow to the troll, and Vard collapses, dead. To make absolutely sure, Ulthar grabs the Scourge of Vardar from Gil’s lifeless fingers and stabs the troll corpse, shouting “This is for Gil!”

After healing in the pool cavern, the PCs search Vard’s cave, finding a false wall leading to Skalmad’s treasure vault. Along with several magical items, the missing sword Sunwrath, art objects and platinum coins, they find a silver circlet marked with the symbol of Morwyn, goddess of healing. When this is placed on Gil’s head, the circlet’s magic brings the eladrin back to life. Relieved at having their War Wizard back, the PCs take an extended rest.

4th Sextilis

The PCs use Skalmad’s throne to return to the Great Warren. Here, they rescue Dethos, a human captured by Skalmad and forced to serve as his scribe and interpreter. There is more treasure here too, including some +3 rageblood hide armour for Hrothgar and a pennant helm.

6th Sextilis

The party arrive back in Moonstair where they are hailed as heroes. Kelana hands over the deeds to the farmland she promised them as a reward. Simlathril is thrilled to see Gil, and Captain Mannarin and Private Pike are there to give Ulthar, Hrothgar and Juma some manly slaps on the back. Bax goes one further, getting down on one knee and proposing to Sora.

18th Sextilis

The PCs arrive in Forlathin, Gil’s hometown, after a relatively uneventful trip through the Feywild (although Ulthar is tormented by pixies more than once). Gil’s father Paelias thanks the PCs for dealing with whatever corrupted the Garden of Graves and asks if they know what had caused it – they don’t. He hands over his +4 gambler’s suit to Juma as promised. In addition, he gives Gil the fey magic gift of feast of recuperation.

24th Sextilis

The PCs arrive back in Parsantium at long last. Things are not right at their apartment building – the door has been boarded up. Hrothgar finds the landlord who rants and raves about the damage caused by something the PCs were keeping in there and demands 500 gp in compensation. There is a note under the door from Irene at the Curio Cabinet, asking the PCs to come and see her as soon as they are back. In addition, Hrothgar’s two zmey heads are missing and Queen Shephatiah’s head has been eaten!

The Curio Cabinet is a mess too. The normally sweet old Irene is furious with Hrothgar for giving her a zmey head which apparently grew a body and then smashed up her shop. All three headlings made their way to the park where they terrorised visitors until wizards from the Esoteric Order of the Blue Lotus dealt with them. Irene demands a future favour from the PCs and insists Hrothgar comes back tomorrow to clean up her shop.

25th Sextilis

The PCs take Sunwrath to Lord Perenon Therund. He rewards them with a fine blue sapphire and seats in his family box at the forthcoming Victory Games.

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