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Choosing the Right Art

Crossposted from http://parsantium.wordpress.com/blog/

This week I've been working my way through the text, revising what I wrote in the first draft, and incorporating feedback from Kate's initial edit and from other people who've been kind enough to read bits of the manuscript and give me their honest opinion on what works and what doesn't. Since I'm starting at the beginning, most of this material is stuff I wrote way back in January or February, so I'm checking that the material is consistent with what I've written more recently, making changes where necessary.

I'm also starting to think about the layout, now that the first draft is done, and the art I need. The whole book is going to be longer than I initially expected, likely around 120 pages which means I am going to have to put more interior art in than I planned. Given that my budget is limited, some of this will have to be stock art or out of copyright illustrations, but I am going to need to commission some new art too. I want to make sure I choose the right pictures to include, so have a question for you:

If you're reading a city sourcebook, what kind of art do you find most useful or relevant ? Drawings of NPCs? Illustrations of important locations? Street scenes? Events from history? Let me know in the comments!

And if you are an artist who does black & white illustrations, feel free to get in touch!

taken by Richard Green & Kate Berens

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