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Here's what happened in last night's session in which Moralias and Morning Ferry both came to a tragic end, and Larry came back. Enzo earns 2,276 xp, Kiaphas & Grudge 2,725 xp, and George 1,125 xp.

7th Flamerule (contd)

Kiaphas casts alter self to become a winged avariel. Moralias flies over the harrowblade hatchery on Morning Ferry. Unfortunately, the harrowblade is ready for the paladin and breathes on him and his steed, killing the hippogriff who plummets into the water. Before Grudge can come to Moralias’ aid, the harrowblade attacks, killing the paladin with a critical hit from his razor sharp wings. Kiaphas casts fireball from the air and Enzo casts scorching ray from the rooftop as Grudge attacks. The dwarf finishes off the creature and swims around its lair, looking for eggs and destroying them. Next, Grudge and Kiaphas look for Rystel’s body in the water of Regiarix’s lair without success. As the barbarian starts taking trophies (teeth, horns and scales) from the black dragon’s corpse, the PCs spot a dog of indeterminate breed swimming towards the town hall.

The dog barks a few times and then, incredibly, speaks to the party in common, telling them his name is Gusty and asking for help in rescuing his companion. The PCs follow Gusty’s directions and rescue his friend George from a band of lizardfolk based in a flooded chapel with Kiaphas’ illusion of Wyrmlord Saarvith on Regiarix luring some of them outside. The monk “owes [them] a debt of ingratitude” for being rescued and agrees to help deal with the hobgoblins in the bell tower. George shouts out to them and almost wins them over before Grudge charges on to the roof and attacks! The hobgoblins are vanquished in short order (despite a setback when George casts obscuring mist making it impossible for the spellcasters to see what’s going on) and the party set about getting ready to return to Starsong Hill to report back to the elves.

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