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Midgard Bonus Bestiary 4e #dnd now available

When we did the Kickstarter campaign for the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition, Brian Liberge and I needed to provide some extras for the higher level backers. The obvious answer was to provide some extra 4e monsters so we looked through the long list of Midgard monsters that we just didn’t have the room for in the original bestiary and picked our 12 favourites to go in a “bonus bestiary”.

We had to turn things round very quickly so we enlisted the help of Paul Baalham and picked four each. I can’t remember how we divided them up between ourselves, but I was very happy with the ones I got to work on: the pig-faced infernal deal-making chort devil (a level 22 skirmisher), the hideous oculo swarm (a level 6 skirmisher capable of removing the eyes of its victims) and the goat-horned stuhac (a level 18 solo brute that wears the woven ligaments and tendons of its victims as garments). Best of all is the kikimora, a kind of “reverse brownie” that persecutes the owners of the house it lives in, smashing stuff and making the place filthy, rather than tidying up and polishing their shoes. As well as these four, the book contains another eight awesome monsters, including the multiplying doppelrat, the freaky looking strangling watcher and the witchlight, a glowing orb familiar.

The Bonus Bestiary is now available at for just $2.99 (or £1.95) and has already had a five star review!

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