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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session #48: The Fomorian Outpost

Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 1,600 xp, bringing you all up to 14th level.

2nd Sextilis (contd.)

After some discussion, Hrothgar sneaks up to the outpost guarding the road to the Fortress of Mross-Kagg. The gnoll peers inside but the ruined keep seems to be deserted. He signals the others to approach and the PCs enter the room, noting the dragon-headed columns that appear to be dripping with green, viscous fluid. When the party go in, a huge female fomorian giant appears, wielding a gnarled wooden staff which she uses to blast the party with black flames. The PCs rush in to attack but the fomorian is a tough opponent, capable of casting two spells at once and using her evil eye to hide from her enemies. When they hit her, the witch teleports Hrothgar and Juma next to the dragon columns, then ignites the flammable oil dripping from them to catch the PCs in a cloud of toxic smoke. As she fights, she invokes Skalmad’s name and his eye.

Once the PCs bloody her, the fomorian teleports next to Gil and becomes invisible. The eladrin has been practising with his longsword, however, and manages to land a decent strike. The other PCs rush to the mage’s defence and Hrothgar delivers the killing blow. After looting her body, the PCs try and figure out the mysterious magic portal set into the wall in the side chamber to the east. When Gil declares that fomorian magic is needed to activate it, Hrothgar gouges out the dead giant’s evil eye and presents it to the portal. Unfortunately nothing happens.

Having used most of their spells and powers in the battle, the PCs decide to rest on the outpost’s roof, taking it in turns to keep watch.

Fomorian Dark Initiate

3rd Sextilis

At dawn, the PCs head off from the outpost to the fortress itself. Ahead, they can see the path ahead has been flooded where water cascades down from the cliff above. Hrothgar spots two feymire crocodiles lurking in the wide pond and eagle-eyed Gil also notices a pair of quicklings hiding in the trees.

The two quicklings attack first, running past Hrothgar at the front and stabbing him with their short swords. Gil casts ice storm in the middle of the pond, immobilising the crocodiles, while Sora kills the first quickling and Juma goes to look behind the waterfall (and finds only a cliff wall). The crocodiles advance – one grabs Ulthar in its jaws; the other snatches Juma, but the swordmage escapes by teleporting away. The Urskovian tries to escape from the reptile’s vise-like grip but can’t get out before he is swallowed. Meanwhile, Juma slays the second quickling, and the other crocodile grabs hold of Sora. The genasi casts seeds of fire, pushing the crocodile that has Sora in its mouth towards the other one, setting it on fire and killing it. The surviving croc then swallows Sora but the mighty Juma is able to kill that one too, and both PCs are able to clamber out of their stomachs to freedom.

Feymire Crocodilequickling
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