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The Ongoing Adventures of the Juma Gang, Session #47: Battle in the Throne Cavern

Here’s what happened in last night’s game, in which Skalmad escaped to the Feywild. Each PC gets 1,800 xp.

2nd Sextilis

Well rested, the PCs return to the cavern with the skeleton cages and search the hags’ lair to the east, finding ritual components, a magical torc and other treasure, as well as a few over-ripe bog pheasants. Hrothgar stuffs one of the birds into his backpack in case he fancies a snack later on.

Next, Hrothgar and Juma open the door to Skalmad’s throne cavern. Gil casts burning transformation and everyone stays close to Sora to wait for her to cast wrath of the gods as the trolls and drow in the room advance on the party. The drow shroud themselves in clouds of darkness, making it hard to fight them, and both Juma and Hrothgar in the front rank need to be healed early in the battle by Ulthar and his flashing armour. Once Sora has cast her spell, the PCs are able to move further into the room. They concentrate their attacks on the front two trolls, bringing them down, but are unable to keep them from regenerating until Gil finishes them off with a fire shroud. Juma transforms into his fiery manifestation, Jod, and kills the male drow, as Sora and Hrothgar attack Skalmad. The troll king burns the PCs with his smouldering eye, then starts heading back to his throne, pursued by the gnoll. Hrothgar can’t get there in time though, and Skalmad uses the throne to shift into the Feywild. Ulthar kills the last troll and the PCs rush over to investigate the king’s disappearance.

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It takes them some time to figure out how the throne works but Jod is able to activate it by casting hellish rebuke (a fire spell) at Gil while sitting on the throne and concentrating on opening the portal as the other PCs hold onto the crystal seat. The surroundings change and the PCs find themselves back in the Feywild in an area open to the sky that nevertheless resembles the throne cavern.

Heading north across the stream to the equivalent of the skeleton cage cavern, the PCs spot three suits of plate armour standing with great swords held up in salute. To the east is an archway blocked with a stone slab carved with glowing yellow runes in Rellenic. When Hrothgar moves to go down the steps, one of the suits of armour animates. The PCs attack the helmed horror while Gil uses his float spell to drift down to the stone arch and study the runes.

Realising that eladrin blood is needed to open the portal and that living blood is more potent than that of the dead eladrin lying in front of the door, the wizard cuts himself and starts tracing patterns in his blood on the slab. Meanwhile, the rest of the party drops the helmed horror, only for it to reanimate and resume attacking, along with its two companions. The PCs are taking a fair bit of damage from the horror’s elemental greatswords, but eventually Gil opens the portal with help from Hrothgar and the constructs stop attacking.

The PCs pass through the cliff and arrive at the ruined Fortress of Mross-Kagg. To the north is an outpost which guards the road leading to the fortress, to the south there is a great rift in the ground, and straight ahead (east), there is a smashed statue of a fomorian. Investigating this, the PCs find an enormous gemstone which served as its larger eye. They discuss what to do next.

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