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George and Gusty's Story

Here's the background story for George and Gusty the talking dog!

George’s Story
Pride goeth before the fall, and in Lapaliiya the falls are frequent, messy, and unprovoked. A sneeze in the wrong direction or an offensive coloured hat are grounds enough to pick a fight! But the inhabitants of Lapaliiya take such things in their stride and most encounters however bloody are quickly forgotten.

Except, that sometimes such falls impact on another mans pride, and his upon another, until in a short space of time the pride of a city can fall to war.

George past: Blinded by a curse since the age of 17, George can not find salvation in the magic arts of mage nor priest, for who can undo the curse of a God.

A once arrogant and proud follower of Tyr ‘the maimed god’, he had a habit of presuming to act on the will of his god. So when he killed a visiting nobleman for ‘blasphemies’ against his god, he felt certain he has taken another step up towards sitting at the right hand of his lord.

Unfortunately the nobleman was of royal lineage, and the subsequent dominoes that fell were large enough to flatten cities. And so it was that two proud cities of Lapliiya fell to war.

Even in this deed George was unrepentant, and so he finally fell to the wrath of his lord. Tyr cursed him with a supernatural blindness so that he might better understand the way of his lord and charged him to travel the world in search of humility, only to return when he believed himself to be redeemed.

George present: is a changed man, and has indeed redeemed himself many times over, but his shame still hangs heavy on him and he does not feel ready to return, until he has completely conquered himself.

Unable to progress as a priest George joined an order of monks who taught him to overcome his sight loss and develop special skills to compensate. Although he still hopes that one day he may return to the path of a priest, for now he is developing his skills as a monk to develop self control and protect both himself and the innocent he defends.

Gusty’s Story
It’s hard to remember life before you awoke. But you never forget the moment you did!

When Gusty awoke, it was in time to see a Druid who had just finished reading a scroll, fall to the ground with an arrow through his throat. Whether there was a connection between the two events Gusty could only imagine. But the fact he ‘could’ now imagine and see a bigger picture was quite overwhelming. But there had been little time for contemplation as his companion the Ranger Narquean also fell to the orc onslaught. Unable to help and confused by his new self awareness, he fled deeper into the woods.

There, after grieving his masters death he contemplated one of the great mysterious of the universe. What’s an intelligent dog do with his life! Unequipped to survive in the wilderness alone Gusty headed for civilisation and a small town he had once visited with Narquean. He decided to try for a sedentary life as a house pet and adopted a Bakers family in a well to do part of town. But things went horribly wrong when he dragged home the carcass of a small Water Hog he had found half eaten on the edge of town. Apparently this made him a ‘bad dog’ despite the fact he had spent several hours trying to remove the skin with a small fruit knife held between his teeth.

With that episode over Gust looked to the street performing animals and their ‘companions’ who seemed to receive and abundance of food scraps and small metal object. Gutsy adopted a vagrant and soon enough his ball balancing and dancing act quickly became the talk of the town. Gusty ate like a king, and the vagrant seemed happy enough with the round pieces of metal.

Every so often when he was bored or the human became too clingy he would change companion and move to another town. After a year learning his trade he realised he could cut out the middleman altogether and began to perform on his own.

During this time Gusty also learnt to understand the human tongue. All those ‘blah blah Gusty, blah blah’ phrases he had heard his master say before finally began to make sense.


It was during one of Gusty’s solo performance that a drunken lout decided that attention was being drawn away from his bawdy behaviour and decided to recapture the limelight by playing ’kick the doggie’, much to the chagrin of both Gusty and the audience. But despite their sympathies none were willing to engage in audience participation and do something about it.

If Gusty had realised he could speak as well as understand the human tongue then his first chosen words would probably not have been “Oww you bastard stop kicking me!”

As it was, all but the booze addled loaf were stunned into silence unsure if it was part of the act. And It was just at this moment that George who happened to be passing by. Momentarily confused into thinking Gusty was a small child being abused, he roundly smacked the lout into unconsciousness and berated the crowd for not helping this small ‘boy’. “Come with me and I shall protect you” beckoned George, and for some reason that Gusty still can’t remember, he did.

Away from the crowd Gusty revealed his true nature and talked at length of his adventures. Relieved at last to have someone to relate the weird circumstance of his existence, he rattled on until his tongue was dry and their seemed little else to tell.

George proposed they work together for mutual aid, and one of the more unusual alliances on Faerun was duly formed.

Gusty and George have travelled together for the last 6 years. Gusty acting as George’s long range eyes and George providing protection and satiating Gustys voracious appetite for knowledge.

During their travels Gusty began to understand the concept of money. Who would of imagined that all those small metal coins could be exchanged for goods and services!

Gusty now has big plans. He has seen the future and realised its unwise to depend on the support of others. It seemed therefore sensible to set about amassing his own retirement fund on which to live his final years in comfort and peace. To this end he has enlisted a reluctant George in collecting the coinage he receives from his shows and has bartered a 20% share of any loot he and George recover. More than once George has wondered at the wisdom of teaching Gusty this aspect of humanity!

George thinks that Gustys appearance in his life is a sign, and although he isn’t entirely happy with the way Gustys morality is developing, he sees it as a test of his humility and understanding.

The truth is that their meeting is indeed of a purpose. A few years earlier George had rescued an awakened bear from a trap, and although the bear had cursed him and threatened to rip him apart, George risked his life to release him. The bear showed no gratitude at all. But Lurure the goddess of intelligent and talking beasts, was mindful of Georges sacrifice, and nudged Gusty’s path towards him so that they might both benefit from their meeting.

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